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Lionstar has her mahoosive cub

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LionstarBigPants Mon 28-Sep-09 20:27:07

Despite being Group B Strep positive, and having a previous 3rd degree tear we finally managed to achieve our home birth! Sorry if I waffle a bit, haven't had much sleep!

9.30pm on 26th (due date) started to get regular Braxton Hicks which quickly became quite 'ouchy'. Gradually intensified so was pacing around and humming through the pain (yoga technique), were quickly only 4 minutes apart, but only lasting 30 seconds or so, so we didn't know if we were really in established labour. At 11pm phoned CDS to warn them, but they decided not to wake the on call midwives yet.

Tried lying down to see if that would ease them off, but sadly not so DP ran me a deep bath. Again expected bath to ease things off, but if anything started to get very intense, 3-4 minutes apart, but still only 30-40 seconds long - not a 'typical' profile for established labour. Up to now had been breathing through the cx, but now felt need to make some noise. When I pooed in the bath (sorry TMI) DP decided it was getting critical so rang CDS again at 12.50 to get midwife out. Midwife arrived at about 1.30, poor woman, I was her first home birth ever (but she had 15 years hospital midwife experience) and she was from a different midwife group (they share on-call around here) so had very little pre-knowledge of my situation. I was now on all fours on the bed, mooing into the entonox and I think she was a bit shocked how far things had progressed (as were we). 30 minutes later 2nd midwife arrived, they were a bit worried about the Group B strep and I was a bit snappy about it - because we had had long negotiations with our midwives about the issue and were more than aware of possible risks.

At this stage we thought waters had not broken, but it turns out later they must have gone in the bath. Was getting a lot of pressure which I thought was membranes. We decided against any internal exams though because of the GBS. Things were a bit hazy now as cx very frequent, but still pretty short. Started to get real urge to push just before 3am and was obviously dilating. Was hanging off end of headboard now, but midwives couldn't get babies heartbeat so they got me onto my side, with upper leg supported by DP. Everything fine and started pushing. Very intense but still short contraxions meant was having to put extra effort into pushing which was really frustrating and exhausting. Head was crowing but a couple of times felt it slip back. With a bit of encouragement and some Lucozade finally got the head out. Couple more pushes and our new son arrived at 3.20am on Sunday 27th September. He was a whopping 9lbs 5oz, with a mahoosive head!!!! grin grin grin

Cord was not cut until it stopped pulsing, and delivered the placenta naturally after about 20 minutes. Unsurprisingly need a few stitches for a tear and a couple of grazes - DP held a torch for the midwives and gave his critique of their work smile.

Have to spare a quick word for DD (2.7) who woke up as I was vocalising in the bath. She looked a bit worried, but DP installed her downstairs in front of a Pingu DVD and she stayed there during most of the labour. She finally joined us once the baby was out and happily chatted to the midwives and poked the baby whilst DP made everyone cups of tea and broke out the Jaffa cakes! She was an angel bless her. As was DP who was totally amazing and as solid as a rock throughout the whole ordeal. It all happened so quickly I had no time to think about anything apart from breathing! The whole thing took no more than 6 hours, and established labour was maybe 3.5 hours. So glad we had opted for a homebirth becuase I have no idea where in all that we would have opted to go into the hospital!

No name as yet, am still just amazed we have a son. He is feeding like a trooper and not doing much sleeping at night! Newborn clothing is not going to last the week I think grin.

GirlsAreLOud Mon 28-Sep-09 20:31:09

Oh HUGE congratulations and WELL DONE lionstar.

What a lovely birth story, I'm so glad I read this (have been considering a home birth next time round but bit daunted about having had a nearly 10 pounder last time). So glad to hear it went so well for you.

IdrisTheDragon Mon 28-Sep-09 20:33:26

Congratulations smile

That is a lovely birth story smile

BiancaJackson Mon 28-Sep-09 20:35:33

What a wonderful birth story. Congratulations!

And how sweet is your DD? grin

Hope you are now cosied up with tea and plentiful breastfeeding supplies of biscuits wink

SabsBigPants Mon 28-Sep-09 21:24:22

lionstar sooo happy for you!

Well done hun

grin grin grin

Hope I'll be able to post my story on here real soon

bluesatinsash Mon 28-Sep-09 21:28:18

What an amazing story Lion - so proud of you, your DP and your new DS smile.

Another Emmsy's Angel graduate comes home to roost grin.

barbiebigpants Tue 29-Sep-09 10:34:21

Love it! well done lion smile Emmsy baby number two...come on sabs

anniebigpants Tue 29-Sep-09 11:01:53

Well done lion-so happy for you, lovely birth story.
Only sabs to go then its my turn-eek!!!

Lionstar Tue 06-Oct-09 21:45:17

So nearly a week and a half later we have a name:

A,rlo B,ryn Mitchell Baker (commas to avoid googling <paranoid mum>)

Photos on profile for short time only <double paranoia>

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