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On 9/9/09 Pecahygirl had a VBAC and another teeny tiny girl!

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peachygirl Sat 26-Sep-09 21:07:56

Baby Zoë Bobbie was born 9/9/09 at pretty much 9pm (20.59 if we are precise) weighing 2210kg or 4lbs 14oz.

My waters broke at work. Zoë was due on the 29th and I was going to work til 38 weeks. A hangover from the redundancy worries with DH. It equalled only 8 days of work so I wasn’t too worried about it all.

So I had busied myself photocopying stuff to give out to colleagues, talking to staff about the choir, recorder groups etc and had been walking up and down the flight of stairs at work several times.
At lunchtime (12.00 ish) I went for a wee and felt something 'go'. I put a panty liner on and went to have my lunch not really thinking of it. Then some more leakage occurred, at which point I said to everyone in the staffroom that either I was having a big wee or my waters had broken!

I got the secretary to ring DD1's nursery and off I went home - no panicking from me but a little from the first aiders.

I got DD1 rang DH who was in central London (only three days in a month he had to go into work and yes this was one of them) and phoned my mum to get on a train and rang the labour ward.

By this time I had had no contractions so after dropping DD off at SILs I was on my way to the hospital. I was sent to triage and my contractions started then. Dh turned up and helped m e put on the TENS machine and as my contractions got closer we were moved into the labour ward.
I was told I couldn’t have an epidural as there were no spare midwives so I was offered some pethidine. Because this was a VBAC I was willing to try anything!! By the time the midwife had faffed around it was too late and I was ready to push

I was eventually pushing for two hours. We tried several positions and eventually I gave birth in stirrups! It turned out Zoë’s head was transverse which had caused me to be pushing for so long but eventually after an episiotomy. She was out!
I was with two brilliant midwives (there was a shift change) and a student midwife who made her partner wait in the car park until I gave birth.

I was so exhausted by this point DH had to actually say to me ‘she’s out, look she’s here’. I looked down to see this purple squawking baby.

She is indeed a tiny tiddler. We had some feeding problems and she spent a night in SCBU having phototherapy. I couldn’t have a bed so went home and expressed through the night. Now things have really picked up and she is doing well.

DH was brilliant throughout. He really did want to be head end only but the reality of this was he did see everything. He was supportive and positive and has continued to be so since we have been settling into life as a family of four.

peachygirl Sat 26-Sep-09 21:09:12

Obviously that should be Peachygirl

OnlyWantsOneDoesntLikeDM Sat 26-Sep-09 21:18:19

wow congratulations she is teeny tiny

QOD Sat 26-Sep-09 21:25:57

ahhhhhhhhhhhh wow congrats!

herbietea Sat 26-Sep-09 21:30:10

Message withdrawn

IdrisTheDragon Sat 26-Sep-09 22:01:58


peachygirl Sun 27-Sep-09 19:13:48

photos are now on

bradsmissus Sun 27-Sep-09 19:24:17

2 gorgeous girls!


"I said to everyone in the staffroom that either I was having a big wee or my waters had broken!"

ROFL grin

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sun 27-Sep-09 19:27:15


And you are allowed typos when you have just had a baby grin.

QOD Tue 29-Sep-09 08:09:01


GhoulsAreLoud Tue 06-Oct-09 20:48:35

Well done peachygirl, and big congratulations.

Knickers0nmaChoppedOffhead Tue 06-Oct-09 20:54:24


Lilyloooohhhh Tue 06-Oct-09 21:06:39

Congrats and wow on working when in labour grin

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