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Katzguk's Baby girl is here!

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katzguk Mon 06-Jun-05 11:12:37

Annalise Margaret was born on the 5th of June at 11.50am after an inpromptu home birth, weighing in at 7lb 11oz

(full details on June in Due 16 thread)

fairydust Mon 06-Jun-05 11:13:10

congratulation and what a beautiful name you've choosen

mcmudda Mon 06-Jun-05 11:13:47

Congratulations Katzguk - gorgeous name!

roisin Mon 06-Jun-05 11:14:34


Newbarnsleygirl Mon 06-Jun-05 11:14:38


Gorgeous name.

Miaou Mon 06-Jun-05 11:15:59

Fab news katzguk - off to read the gory details now!! Love the name too!

gingerbear Mon 06-Jun-05 11:23:22

I am so happy for you Katz, what a lovely name.

Lizzylou Mon 06-Jun-05 11:23:51

Well done, congrats to you all xxx

Lua Mon 06-Jun-05 11:51:49

Congratulations!!!! Welcome Annelise!
and Well done on the speedy delivery!

cod Mon 06-Jun-05 11:52:09

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Mon 06-Jun-05 11:52:45

Congratulations, katzguk. It's a lovely name.

cod Mon 06-Jun-05 11:53:18

Message withdrawn

Toothache Mon 06-Jun-05 11:53:35


Off to read the gory details...

bubbaloo Mon 06-Jun-05 11:56:24

congratulations again katz!!

purpleturtle Mon 06-Jun-05 12:29:42

hoping to drop in for a cuddle later on

purpleturtle Mon 06-Jun-05 12:29:52

of the baby, that is

mrsflowerpot Mon 06-Jun-05 12:30:40

Congratulations - amazing birth story and what a beautiful name.

kama Mon 06-Jun-05 12:32:30

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 06-Jun-05 12:34:50

impromptu home birth! Hope all went well, off to read the details now. But many congratulations and a warm Mumsnet welcome to Annalise Margaret, what pretty names

hoxtonchick Mon 06-Jun-05 12:35:54


Bagpuss30 Mon 06-Jun-05 12:56:28

Congratulations Katzguk, and welcome to baby Annalise .

Yorkiegirl Mon 06-Jun-05 13:18:18

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Mon 06-Jun-05 13:18:38

fabulous, congrats

Hausfrau Mon 06-Jun-05 13:26:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cooperoo Mon 06-Jun-05 13:35:18

Yayayay Kat. Well done and congratulations!!!

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