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AnotherHelen Thu 02-Jun-05 11:52:08

My sister just had her baby!! well at 2.22am this morning and she had a girl weighing 8lb 4oz called Amelia Grace! - had to share this with you ladies! im absolutley bursting! just been to see her and have a cuddle - she is adorable! my sister has a boy already and i have 2 boys so she is a very lovley surprise addition! xxx

bubbaloo Thu 02-Jun-05 11:54:43

welcome to baby amelia

albert Thu 02-Jun-05 12:02:41

Congratulations to your sister and Aunty Another Helen. I get very excited by news like this even when I don't know the people involved.
How is the 'melt down' problem today by the way?

AnotherHelen Thu 02-Jun-05 12:19:19

Oh hahahaha well so far so good! thanks for asking albert!!! he is currently running round and round my living room making train noisy's - loudly as he knows it drives his little brother round the twist! i however am choosing to block it all out and sit here chatting with my cup of tea! (and gushing over my sisters new little bundle ooooohhh!) i love to read the birth anouncments on here - i love new baby news too!!

MarsLady Thu 02-Jun-05 12:19:33

Congratulations Aunty

AnotherHelen Thu 02-Jun-05 12:21:10

Hee hee hee!!! thanku mars lady! and bubbaloo! i cant stop grinning! xx

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