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snip snip has popped

(8 Posts)
meggymoo Sun 29-May-05 19:30:48

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Sun 29-May-05 19:32:36

awwwwwww. welcome !

Yorkiegirl Sun 29-May-05 19:35:37

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Sun 29-May-05 19:37:16

Ahh great news! Welcome Finlay. xx

angelcakeumm Sun 29-May-05 19:38:48

Congratulations and welcome to mn what a lovely name Finlay

18mumtobe Sun 29-May-05 20:36:17

congratulations snipsnip and welcome

Cooperoo Tue 31-May-05 18:28:03

Welcome to snipsnip and little Finlay!

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 18:34:27

Congratulations. Look forward to meeting you snisnip

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