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Birth announcement......

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madm00se Sat 08-Aug-09 22:38:10

........Isla Isobel Butler, born 8.53 pm, Wednesday 5 August 2009 at Harrogate Hospital. Here we go....

Had a stretch & sweep on Monday-3rd-not nice, wouldn't recommend it as no guarantee it'll work! Midwife at docs said to me, it's no worse than having a smear test!! Yeah right! Went on my own, Mark at work, I said, there's no point! ANYWAY! No "show" or anything. Was booked in at that point for my inducement for Wednesday.

Wednesday came, called hospital at 7am, confirmed they had space to take me, so FIL took me over (Husband on 2.5 day wks, so financies are a bit strapped, plus I'm a big girl, I can call him if I need him!) at 8.30ish they came and gave me the gel, again, not pleasant, but certainly no worse than the S&S! Burning sensation down below (like when you chop chillis, forget, then lick your fingers, or for a bloke-go to the toilet!!) mild contractions started pretty much straight away, was surprised at this (I started naturally with DD No 2). Monitored for next 2 hrs (yawn! Thank God I'd been to Sainsbury & just books day before for reading material, cos I wasn't paying for patient line-yes true yorkshire lass!) Mark (husband) arrived at 12ish, he went for his lunch iin hospital canteen-any fathers to be, who's partner's off into harrogate-it's highly recommended to have one of their roast dinners, apparently! He stayed till 1.30ish, when he had to go & watch DD No1 in Green Frog's sports day-sack race & father/child race (bless-wish I'd been there to see it!)

At 3.30 they said I'd be given another dose of gel, but at 4, after being monitored in preperation, they said that the consultant had gone into theatre! So annoying. At abt 7.30ish, they checked me over, and decided that I was 3-4 cm's dilated, and that if my score (of varying different factors) was 6 (or boderline) they could burst my waters. Nurse ummed & ah'd for several mins (whilst her hand was still up there!) and she decided it would be a good idea (finally!) to burst my waters. So along came the hooked knitting needle(!!) and burst my waters. CONSTANT feeling I was peeing myself! Asked nurse if it was a good idea or not to call hubby, who said she couldn't say whether it would be quick or not (fair enough), but my contractions started to properly come, so I decided it'd be a good idea to call him (initial plan was to leave it 20mins-thinking we'll be in for long haul like with DD No1!) he set off about 8ish.

About this time, I announced that contractions were coming every 2 or so mins, and that I was starting the urge to push! They walked me down to delivery suite, at which point I wanted an epidural-and made it very clear, esp after No1's birth, midwife said she just needed to get my notes-10 mins later she came back, checked me over, and YET AGAIN! I was past the 7 cm rule, I was 9cm's (so I'd done 5 cm's in about 20 mins!) Mark still not arrived, I'd called him at 8.15 & he was still only at Huby!

Mark buzzed on door when he came, was asked who he was, and when he said, he was promptly "marched & ordered" to get himself down that corridor to delivery suite 5 (which is same room as No1 had been born in!) as the baby was on it's way! 5 contractions later, with 3 pushes on each contraction, and out popped daughter number 2.

Completely shell shocked-all 3 of us!
Stayed in delivery suite until about midnight, at which point Mark was asked to leave shortly after (which I think was a bit unfair, esp as we were in a private room-their planning, not ours!) Isla had a feed at midnight, then slept till 6! I had a feed about 10, then slept from 4-6! There was me thinking I'd get a longish sleep aswell, but adrenalin etc..... not a chance! I'm now only on about 15 hrs sleep since 5am wednesday!

Tried breast at point of delivery, wasn't comfy, it never worked out with DD No1, not that I had it in my mind that it wouldn't with this one, but I was never comfy full stop, so she was placed onto bottle.

Apart from tiredness, (mother-not baby) we're all doing great.

Niamh (DD No1) has her moments with Isla, (stroppiness), but that's hardly surprising, seeing as she's been the only one for last 4 yrs!

Rindercella Sat 08-Aug-09 22:43:12

Congratulations grin

ScummyMummy Sat 08-Aug-09 22:43:45

Well done, you. Congratulations.

plonker Sat 08-Aug-09 23:13:10

Aww congrats!! ...and welcome to the world little Isla smile

lou031205 Sun 09-Aug-09 08:20:02

Congratulations,great name! (DD3 is an Isla, she's 17 weeks old)

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 09-Aug-09 09:00:46

Many many congratulations smile

magbags Sun 09-Aug-09 16:27:13

Well done and congratulations!smile

LeninGrad Mon 10-Aug-09 14:40:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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