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Finally, 13 days od my little lad arrived :)

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massivebump Mon 20-Jul-09 22:50:47

Hi All

I've not posted loads on this site, didn't find it that long ago, but have had some fab advice and have joined in when I can.

Anyway, my little (well, if you can call 8lb 14oz little ) lad arrived on Friday morning at 10am after a 10hr labour at home. It wasn't the birth I'd expected, my 2nd baby was also born at home and was 5.5hrs start to finish, with only 3 mins of pushing her out. My final baby, a gorgeous son, took 50 mins of pushing. He'd been back to back so it was a very uncomfortable labour, although he'd turned somewhat before the pushing stage he was still in slightly the wrong position. I didn't get the water birth I'd planned, although the water did help with the labour I just couldn't push him out so the m/ws thought it best to get out and try other positions. To be honest I didn't care about the pool, I just wanted my baby out safely as I'd heard the m/w say we needed him out now as his heart beat suddenly dipped. Fortunately what was a scary moment was just a blip and the hb went back up. After getting to a point of thinking I couldn't do any more, our gorgeous little chap just slid out with a bit of controlled breathing, he'd had the cord wrapped around his neck and body which was acting as a bungy and pulling him back all the time.

Blimey, this is going to take a lot of recovering from and I have to say that I'm so glad he's my last and I haven't got to do this again. I ache and hurt in places I didn't know I had but slowly I'm getting there.

We're doing well and my ds and dd are loving their little brother. I also feel very lucky as my dh has been fab and totally taken over pretty much everything else so that I can concentrate on our ds and my recovery. I'm very grateful for this as ds has the idea in his head that from about 10pm it's 'awake' time until about 4am .

Hope everyone else is recovering well from their labour/birth and enjoying their little bundles

blinder Tue 21-Jul-09 00:33:23

Bravo and congratulations! grin

JustKeepSwimming Tue 21-Jul-09 06:55:44

Congratulations grin

hope you recover soon.

Bernadiva Wed 22-Jul-09 22:05:01

Congratulations grin

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