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Northstars star is born

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northstar Sun 15-May-05 10:28:11

Beautiful dd Shannon Rose arrived 04/05 after a lovely, problem-free labour
I went into hospital for an induction at 39wks but when they examined me i was already 2cm without even realising it so there was no need so i took a mild sleeping tablet and slept all night. The following morning they broke my waters at 10am, then put me on the syntocin drip at 11.30am. Things really speeded up then and I gave in and had the epidural at 12. I LOVE EPIDURALS i hate pain. Shannon was born at 14.50, it took just a few pushes to get her out and it really felt like the most natural thing in the world. Totally opposite to ds's birth which was scary, dramatic and urgent. I watched her coming out, and had a little cry as she was wrapped up and checked. My midwifes name was Rose, she was absolutely brilliant and did a fantastic job. I named my dd after her
Ds loves his new baby sister, tells everyone "she's a cutie" and she is

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 15-May-05 10:32:01

Awwww. How lovely for you to name her after your MW.


hoxtonchick Sun 15-May-05 10:49:34

congratulations northstar! you had GD didn't you? sounds like a good induction. how much did she weigh?

MarsLady Sun 15-May-05 10:59:45


Maddison Sun 15-May-05 11:29:29

Congratulations Northstar and welcome to Shannon Rose

Hopefully it won't be too long for the rest of us....

Hulababy Sun 15-May-05 11:30:39

Congratulations and welcome to Shannon

shhhh Sun 15-May-05 12:07:16

Congratulations Northstar, hopefully it won't be to long for me !! Due today...............

LGJ Sun 15-May-05 12:26:24


This may be an odd question but are you in Dublin ??

tammybear Sun 15-May-05 12:31:32

ooo so happy for you northstar, was thinking of you other day. Congratulations xxx

Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 12:38:04

Lovely story! Congratulations

Rainbow Sun 15-May-05 12:42:40

Congratulations Northstar, DH and DS. What a lovely name!

Yorkiegirl Sun 15-May-05 12:56:54

Message withdrawn

mears Sun 15-May-05 13:29:43

Congratulations Northstar and welcome to Rose

northstar Sun 15-May-05 21:05:10

Thanks everyone.
Hoxtonchick - Shannon was 7lb14oz, at 38+5, which wasnt too big, but I'm glad she is here as I'm sure she would have grown loads in the last 2,3 or 4 wks due to the gd.
LGJ - Im in co wexford.

hoxtonchick Sun 15-May-05 22:23:45

sounds like a perfect size (my ds was 7lbs10 at 39 weeks). well done!

fisil Mon 16-May-05 10:21:33

Congratulations! I love the idea of naming dd after your midwife. Mine was called Fanny, so I named a bodypart after mine instead!

morocco Mon 16-May-05 10:29:34

lovely story

coppertop Mon 16-May-05 10:30:54

Congratulations, northstar!

zubb Mon 16-May-05 10:57:27

Congratulations and welcome to Shannon Rose Glad it all went so smoothly.

dinosaur Mon 16-May-05 11:06:56

Congratulations northstar!

donnie Mon 16-May-05 11:37:11

congratulations northstar, you are much braver than me! well done!

Preggars Mon 16-May-05 11:39:05

Well done Northstar and welcome Shannon Rose, what a beautiful name!!

Frizbe Mon 16-May-05 11:41:00

congrats to you all x

claudi2 Thu 19-May-05 10:11:26

Northstar, sound like you had a lovely birth, it sounds so relaxed ... welcome to this world little Shannon Rose

18mumtobe Tue 24-May-05 15:27:54

congratulations northstar and welcome to little Shannon Rose.

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