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I'm putting this here so I don't loose it! It's ols and poo orientated - sorry!

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treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 14:11:58

So...birth story...this all happened on January 22nd.

You may remember I had 2 stretch and sweeps at term as had 2 weeks of trying to labour. SO, at 40+2 [Wed gone, 21st] went to consultant clinic who did the ouchiest stretch EVER and offered me induction by breaking waters [was 3 cms thin stretchy cervix so good to know didn't dream the 2 weeks of pain]. Nearly bit her hand off and it was planned for Thursday 22nd.

Tootled off to buy tiles for bathroom, took dd and dh for familiy pub dinner and rang every mw I could think of to get induction opinion. All decided that given 22 hour slog 1st time, and way bubbs was lying [back to back and deeply engaged] was going to need intervention and painrelief [epidural probably] anyway so crack on with it!! We all felt I'd end up in the same situation just in 2 weeks and even more miserable.

Stayed up till 1:00am on the Thursday am like a fool doing job application for dh. But wasn't going in to have the waters broke till between 9 and 12 so figured nice lie in would be grand. Nicely asleep and then had this dream I was stuck on my back and the only way I could roll over was to grab the headboard and squeeze it....I was actually having a painfull contraction and then 'pop'. I woke properly to the wierd feeling of water leaking freely from me!! Was so excited and exhilerated - felt this rush of emotion soon as I realised. DH hopped out of bed and looked confused, then hopped back in again and looked sleepy!

Stuck pad on and tried to convince myself was nothing at all, had 3 more dribbles and wasn't sure etc etc. Rang the unit at 2am and they said come in [was going to stick a pad on and go to bed and see if anything happened]

So pil came down and we had cereal and a cuppa, shower and last look around house and kissed dd, had a weep that this was it! My baby was going to be a sister, and off we went to there at 4am and they said they had given up on me and thought I'd gone to sleep.

It was wild and windy and rainy, I was having dragging pains but nothing at all to note - but had 1st niggle in the carpark with a gust of freezing wind to take mind off it.

Was monitored as consultant led and had to stand for that as the tightnings were developing. Had an internal, 3cms, high head, posterior, oh dear, mobilise and hope for pain. Agreed to give it a while before jumping in with the drip. Now 5am.

5.30 - clary sage and standing got me tightning short but sharp so used a bit of gas and air but knew I had another 10 hours to go or so, and I wanted to pace myself. Giggled and giggled and giggled and texted everyone in my phone 'could murder a g&t and a spliff'. Senior DR on came to see me and I just stood giggling at him.

6:00 - Told everyone was defo not going to labour and that they weren't painfull enough. Had a real laugh with mw and dh, it was relaxed and happy, needed back rubs and gas and air but still not long enough pains, although very painful. We agreed to await the 9am ward round and hit the drip then rather than start flustering about in the small hours. I was pleased as it meant I could keep calm and the lights low, and all the intervention would take place in day light hours. Was gutted that I was ging to need it though and had a sob in the loo.

6:30 - Asked to be examined, 4-5 cms head high, short contractions. Bugger!! Tried to decide if could cope with pain or if should bail out now rather than be frantic during epidural procedure [like 1st time] Contracting short 3 in 10

7:00 - Still texting everyone in between but starting to loose sense of humour.....

7:30 - Thought I was a very good actress or had a very daft mw as they all looked like they were looking after a labourer, where as I KNEW nothing was happening and all I needed was a poo. Pain in bum getting overwhelming. facing up to reality I wouldn't be able to cope when it moved up a noch with the drip very upsetting. Very dissapointed but them's the breaks and it bloody hurts! Mw said the same and dh told me I was wonderful bless him.

8:00 - BIG gas and air usage and def no giggles.... On all 4's but kept nearly falling out of the bed and the pressure tooooooo much so collapsed on to left side with immediate relief. Took pushy feeling away but boy did I poo....

8:10 - Really began to think everyone was mad as I knew I was pooing and that there was no progress. Asked to be examined and was 9cm so ate my words and suddenly realised I was delivering on gas and air alone. Cue panic.

8:15 - Now I'm talking poo. 9 months of constipation that really hurt more than any baby. Holy Moly the poor mw.

8:27 - someone passed a baby to me, that I was so shaken and in pain from delivering [delivering the poo that is] that I couldn't even look at for ages. Never have I felt anything like the sensation in my backside.

9:45 - Was able to move without thinking bottom would fall out and realised I had a daughter, a small tear, a fast labour and no constipation!!!!

In summary - had a riot!! Was so convinced I was going to need to have all interventions I actually nearly missed it. Power of the mind and all that. It hurt like hell but I was so sure it wasn't 'the real deal' I refused to acknowledge the pain.

My poor poor bum though. I can't really describe it but it wasn't good. And on top of that have had a very unsettled dd2 who refused to be put down till yesterday, so hope you can forgive my lack of postings!!

SOLOisMeredithGrey Fri 19-Jun-09 14:34:38

Aw! tree! well done

treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 14:49:13

Cheers! It's weird reading it 5 months after - I had forgotton so much. Not the poo though - will never, can never, forget the poo.

me23 Fri 19-Jun-09 15:01:05

fantastic grin congratulations on you baby, and the poo!

treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 15:02:35

Midwife has since said that had she wrapped up the poo it would have weighed more and been bigger than bubba blush

SOLOisMeredithGrey Sat 20-Jun-09 00:19:40

Now that is just too much information!!! grin

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Sat 20-Jun-09 17:00:24

Congratulations on your new arrival treedelivery (or should that be logdelivery?)!

treedelivery Sat 20-Jun-09 19:09:41

Or turddelivery?

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