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to hell with my essays - chibi's birth story

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chibi Sat 06-Jun-09 21:01:25

i was having intense bh on monday eve + sarted a should i ring the labour ward thread as i was only 34+6weeks pg. here's what happened...

i was kept overnight as i continued contracting. on tues, contractions continued but fairly irregularly, and weren't being picked up by the fetal heart monitor thingy. i had every hcp in the building telling me there was no way i was in labour. i seriously thought maybe it was kidney stones.

by 6 pm the pain was relentless and intense - i had to beg for some paracetamol/codeine cos if you're not in labour, you don't need pain relief har har. i breathed through it in the sense that i kept saying to myself '4 more breaths and this one will be over'

around 7 my body pushed out at the peak of the pain, i also had a need to pee feeling so thought maybe this was the kidney stone popping out (i have had them, it wasn't dissimilar).

got to the loo, and with a big push a splatter of wee(i thought) with speckles of blood flew out. i rang for the mw who gave me a quick feel and yelled 'i can feel the head!'. i got to the bed and she yelled 'i can SEE the head! i need help' and they wheeled me down to labour.

20 min later of gas + air my ds leo was born, yelling and healthy at 5lb 14oz, apgar score of 10 after birth, yay!!!

i felt like a fucking viking - my first birth had every intervention known to woman and left me exhausted and relieved it was over - this one i felt like doing a victory lap. the contrast was amazing - i know not all natural births work out well, but when they do, holy crap it's powerful!

we were discharged today, and all is well.

QueenofSpleen Sat 06-Jun-09 22:11:34

congratulations ... I love the name Leo, I know two (both of whom are very handsome)

blinder Sun 07-Jun-09 13:30:32

Hoorah! Aren't women amazing! Many congratulations to you (also love the name!).

Unicornvomit Sun 07-Jun-09 13:33:45

well done !! i posted on your other thread to see where you were.. kind of figured with no update you were busy !!

congratulations on the safe arrival of Leo..

glad all is well

What a great birth story, well done you!

swottybetty Wed 10-Jun-09 13:10:16

pmsl at feeling like a viking well done grin

me23 Tue 16-Jun-09 19:05:55

wow well done you, birth is a wonderful thing smile

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