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Amyjo22 DD has finally arrived!!!

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Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 14:38:05

Got a text this afternoon Amyjo had a DD Bethany at 11:57 last nite weighing 8lbs 2oz. Still in Hospital as hard labour but both doing well!

MarsLady Mon 02-May-05 16:28:48


Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 16:31:06

Congratulations and welcome to your DD amyjo

zippy539 Mon 02-May-05 17:30:14

Well done amyjo and welcome to Bethany (lovely name btw).

LGJ Mon 02-May-05 17:31:42


motherpeculiar Tue 03-May-05 14:06:05

congratulations and a big welcome to Bethany

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