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Maya Geogina is finally, safely home!!!!

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alux Tue 26-Apr-05 18:03:24

She arrived on 19 April at 10:51 and weighs 7lb 4oz ( 3.36kg) and is 20.5in (53cm) long.

Would you believe that the last time I logged on (Monday the 18th), I went to have my blood pressure checked at the antenatal clinic and only made it back home an hour ago?

If you want to know the gory details, read on.

Well, the midwife took one look at me and knew that my blood pressure was up. Plus had a lot of protein in the urine. As a matter of fact, they did not let me go home to get my bag. They called an ambulance instead to take me straight to the hospital complete with blue flashing lights, WWWWEEEEEEEEEE! My consultant rolled his eyes when I told him I drove myself there - and that was my birth plan out the window.

The plan was to stabilise my blood pressure overnight, and induce labour in the morning. But by 3am I was in serious pain and by 5 am I asked for gas & air. Epidural by 9:30 am when I was over 5cm dilated and brand new baby by 10:51 on Tuesday the 19th.

The staff had a lot of trouble controlling my blood pressure with 2 drugs I think and heard them discussing emergency caesarean section as I was showing signs of having and epileptic fit in the later stages of labour. I remember clearly and calmly thinking 'I am going to have a fit' when I watched my body begin to shudder. Even now, it doesn't seem scary.

By Thursday they were happy with my recovery process and were supposed to send us home. But Maya developed jaundice and my bp started to climb again so she was then a patient as well. She very much hated being naked under the UV lights and screamed half the time there. And everytime she was inconsolable, so was I. It is only today that both of us have been well enough to be let home. So we fled asap before someone jabbed us with another needle and find another reason to keep us hostage.

I am truely thankful that Maya and I got through the gruesome experience safely. The doc - female I add - who delivered Maya was calm and reassuring through all this chaos. Every single staff member in our maternity ward was caring and professional for our 8 days there. I can't even complain about the food! Indeed, I consider Mum Dad and Baby to be lucky and blessed.

Yolanda and Maya.

Yorkiegirl Tue 26-Apr-05 18:05:17

Message withdrawn

beachyhead Tue 26-Apr-05 18:06:13

Congratulations and well done for spotting the dreaded pre-eclampsia - lovely name, by the way.....

Socci Tue 26-Apr-05 18:08:08

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Tue 26-Apr-05 18:09:05

So glad it all went well for you. When I went for a check up with the DTs they wouldn't let me go home for my bag either. Booked me straight in. No one to pick up the kids from school, completely shambles, all rescued by BF.

But I digress......... Well done and Congratulations

mumofelise Tue 26-Apr-05 18:09:51

congratulations. I love the name too. my dd2 is also Maya born on april 21 04.

Roobie Tue 26-Apr-05 18:15:02

So glad that everything turned out well despite the scares.....hope you can now relax and enjoy little Maya. Hope the oedema settles down for you soon as well.....

Kelly1978 Tue 26-Apr-05 18:26:09

Hi Alux, you must be so relieved to be home! Congratulations on little Maya, now you can relax and get on with enjoying her.

moondog Tue 26-Apr-05 18:37:45

Sounds very scarey, but famntastic that everything turned out fine.
Welcome little Maya!!

Frizbe Tue 26-Apr-05 18:58:43

Congrats and welcome to the world Maya!

Hulababy Tue 26-Apr-05 21:14:15

Congratulations and welcome to Maya

Merlin Tue 26-Apr-05 21:36:12

Welcome home Alux and Maya - glad you are both OK after the traumatic entrance!

AngelCakeUmm Tue 26-Apr-05 21:39:57

Congratulations and welcome to Maya

leander Wed 27-Apr-05 05:23:48

So glad everything turned out ok.Congratulations and welcome Maya(gorgous name) xxxx

alux Wed 27-Apr-05 09:21:57

good grief! Just noticed I misspelled my own DD's name! it's Georgina of course.

aprilmeadow Wed 27-Apr-05 13:33:14

Congratulations on the arrival of Maya

Miaou Wed 27-Apr-05 13:41:26

Well done alux, really glad you had a fairly positive experience despite all the drama.

Oooh I can just smell that "new baby" smell now....

Marina Wed 27-Apr-05 13:44:58

Mears knows all about an alternative to lights...called bilibags, I think. Kinder way to treat jaundice in newborns. Maybe you could suggest them to your hospital alux.
So glad you and Maya are safely home, amny congratulations

alux Wed 27-Apr-05 14:03:22

She had lights above and a 'biliblanket' beneath. I don't know if a bilibag means that she would have been enclosed top and bottom in a bag as it sounds?

csa Wed 27-Apr-05 20:59:00

yes, i think a bilibag is as you described alux and can be used when breastfeeding so that baby can continue to have the phototheraphy away from the lights. ds (born 20/4) was also found jaundiced on day 3 and we had to spend 2 nights back in hospital whilst he underwent the phototheraphy treatment. although ds1 had similar problem, we were not quite prepared for the tubes (IV and feeding) and I was really upset by it all. i think it was especially upsetting cos he hated being under the lights too and was crying away but we were not allowed to pick him up and give him a cuddle cos he needed to be under the lights had a follow up test today which we should get results tomorrow and fingers crossed, we won't need any follow up treatments. hope maya is fine now. btw, love the name

zebraX Wed 27-Apr-05 21:02:37

Maya was one of the names we were considering if DS2 had been a girl.
Congrats, what an adventure!!

motherpeculiar Thu 28-Apr-05 00:27:12

great news Alux - glad you and Maya are home safely now. Well done (and love the name)

Maddison Thu 28-Apr-05 12:16:23

Congratulations and welcome to Maya - what a beautiful name

orangina Thu 28-Apr-05 22:42:22

Congratulations and welcome to Maya.... what a beautiful name (it was on our shortlist, and our dd was SO nearly Maya...!). Also well done for surviving the gruesome UV lights, I so know how it all feels, especially when it happens when you are feeling at your most vulnerable, hormonal and blue post delivery.... so glad you are all happy and at home!

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