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Dinkystinky's house just got dinkier and stinkier...

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dinkystinky Fri 13-Feb-09 15:31:40

My DS2, Daniel Nikhil, was born at 9.48 on Tuesday evening in birth pool at birth centre, all 8lbs 6 oz of him. It was a beautiful, peaceful and straightforwards birth - completely different to DS1's traumatic induction and we couldnt be more delighted... Waters broke at 5.30 as was giving DS1 his dinner (DS1 kindly offered me his potty for the wee wee), contractions kicked in at 6.30ish as my DH got home and our doula arrived at 7ish as did my sister to look after DS1, at 8.30 I was moaning and asking to get to the birth centre so got bundled into the car with contractions coming thick and fast, arrived there just after 9.15, got in pool at 9.30 and DS2 was born in the pool at 9.48pm. The placenta was delivered about 50 minutes later while I breastfed DS2 and DH, DS2 and I got to spend our first night together in a room in the birth centre. We are all very much in love with our new little man.

ComeWhineWithMe Fri 13-Feb-09 18:04:09

Congratulations and well done .You have chosen a beautiful name .

Ebb Sat 14-Feb-09 10:14:39

Congratulations and grin at Ds1 offering his potty! How cute! Sounds a lovely, and quick, birth.

mumoverseas Sat 14-Feb-09 10:26:07

congratulations dinky, lovely birth story and a lovely name too. xxx

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