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Tamulas baby joy!!

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tamula Sun 10-Apr-05 09:59:24

Ava was born on Tuesday 05th of April at 12:26 lunchtime weighing in at 8lb 2oz, she's everything I imagined and more. I had a vaginal delivery with gas and air.

The pain however was worse then I was prepared for!!!! But alls well and we are very happy

mummytosteven Sun 10-Apr-05 10:00:43

Wonderful news! so tell us, did you end up on the castor oil in the end

beansprout Sun 10-Apr-05 10:01:55

Congratulations and welcome to Ava!!

tamula Sun 10-Apr-05 10:01:55

I thought you could post a photo here but you cant!

tamula Sun 10-Apr-05 10:03:28

Funnily enough I did try the castor oil, but took the wrong amount a I took one teaspoonful!!! Not sure that that miniscule amount had an effect but I did begin contarcting a few hours later! Coincidence or ?

orangina Sun 10-Apr-05 11:24:04

congratulations and welcome to ava xxxx

RTMTMML Sun 10-Apr-05 11:34:07

congratulations Tamula. Welcome to the world Ava

3mummy Sun 10-Apr-05 13:38:43

Congratulations!! Really pleased for you - welcome to the realm of sleepless nights!

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 13:40:05

Message withdrawn

laneydaye Sun 10-Apr-05 14:52:14


mirashark Sun 10-Apr-05 16:12:07

congratulations you lucky lady xxx

mears Sun 10-Apr-05 16:13:20

Congratulations and welcome to Ava

bonym Sun 10-Apr-05 17:44:07

Huge congratulations! (You can post a photo in the member profile section )

Hulababy Sun 10-Apr-05 18:16:48

Congratulations and welcome to Ava

leander Sun 10-Apr-05 18:49:47

congratulations and welcome baby Ava xx

DelGirl Mon 11-Apr-05 09:24:24

Congratulations Tamula and welcome to Ava

Pidge Mon 11-Apr-05 11:11:42

Brilliant news - many congratulations. Looking forward to bleary eyed baby discussions on the March post-natal thread!

Leogaela Mon 11-Apr-05 20:29:06

Fantastic Tamula! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all the details of how you and Ava are doing on the march Post-natal thread!

Hope to see her picture on the members section!

Seabird Mon 11-Apr-05 20:31:38

Many congratulations tamula Ava's a gorgeous name.

sweeney Tue 12-Apr-05 10:47:43

well done tamula, i'm soooooo pleased for you. ava is a really great name. you sound ecstatic, good luck with the coming weeks. i'm struggling along.

biglips Tue 12-Apr-05 10:48:33

Congrats girl !! well done XX

Riebee Sun 17-Apr-05 20:34:13

congratulations...a beautiful name

mummydreamer Wed 20-Apr-05 10:15:38

Well done mummy and welcome to baby Ava!

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