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Two Boys Now!

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deegward Fri 28-Mar-03 18:32:40

Just thought I would let all know that I gave birth to #2 last night at 10.52pm. Sam 6lb 15oz. We got home this morning and all is well so far.

Thanks to all who gave encouragement in the last 9 months

Angiel Fri 28-Mar-03 18:34:08

Hi, We haven't spoken before, but I'd like to say congratulations. Glad you are all ok!

mears Fri 28-Mar-03 18:38:09

Congratulations deegward. You must be feeling OK so far to be on here so soon

Demented Fri 28-Mar-03 18:40:34

Congratulations deegward!

willow2 Fri 28-Mar-03 19:32:35

Congrats and welcome to Sam.

SoupDragon Fri 28-Mar-03 20:45:19


tigermoth Fri 28-Mar-03 20:56:35

congratulations, deegward, and welcome to the mother of two boys club!

Ghosty Fri 28-Mar-03 21:11:11

Coongratulations Deegward!

Ghosty Fri 28-Mar-03 21:12:00

Sorry ... meant CONgratulations!

Khara Fri 28-Mar-03 21:54:26

Congratulations, deegward, and welcome to the world little Sam.

I have two boys also and its great!

Zoe Sat 29-Mar-03 00:29:50

Congratulations to you!


GRMUM Sat 29-Mar-03 05:39:56


jessi Sat 29-Mar-03 08:36:07

Many congratulations deegward, love the name Sam too!

oxocube Sat 29-Mar-03 09:13:45

lots of love xxx

breeze Sat 29-Mar-03 19:27:46


Girly Sat 29-Mar-03 19:33:22

Congratulations! Wow 2 boys, boys are great!

Marina Sun 30-Mar-03 19:23:47

Congratulations deegward (from another big fan of boys ) and a warm welcome to little Sam.

leander Mon 31-Mar-03 08:02:04

congratulations, great news xx.

mum2toby Mon 31-Mar-03 08:32:35


Welcome wee Sam!

NQWWW Mon 31-Mar-03 11:59:00

Congratulations deegward, and welcome to Sam

edgarcat Mon 31-Mar-03 12:21:35

Message withdrawn

bells2 Mon 31-Mar-03 14:08:06

Lovely news and great name!

WideWebWitch Mon 31-Mar-03 14:18:22

Well done deegward!

sobernow Mon 31-Mar-03 21:22:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Claireandrich Mon 31-Mar-03 22:07:59

Great news!

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