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Dylan James is here!

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KirstyG Wed 30-Mar-05 05:48:16

Hi there, just want to say hi, and introduce myself and my son. Dylan was born 17 March 2005, by emergency c-section. He was born at 36w6d, weighing in at 5lbs5ozs, and after a few ups and downs is now putting on weight and growing like a bean

Dylan is our first child, and we live in New Zealand.

bobbybob Wed 30-Mar-05 05:56:56

Hi Kirsty, congratulations on the birth of Dylan James.

Where in New Zealand are you?

Dinker Wed 30-Mar-05 06:09:04

Hi Kirsty congratulations. Enjoy your new bundle of joy. I'm in NZ too.

ghosty Wed 30-Mar-05 08:24:10

Hi Kirsty,
I am in NZ too .... where do you live?
And welcome to your little man

Maddison Wed 30-Mar-05 09:59:56

Hi Kirsty, congratulations on the birth of Dylan

Cool name BTW - its the same as my son

roosmum Wed 30-Mar-05 10:09:30

big congratulations on the safe arrival of Dylan

Hulababy Wed 30-Mar-05 20:28:22

Congratulations and welcoeme to you and Dylan James

nnosam Wed 30-Mar-05 20:30:31

Congrats, enjoy every little thing and every second of every day as it only comes once for each child.

KirstyG Wed 30-Mar-05 20:56:35

I am in the Auckland region - where are you fellow New Zealander's? I'm always up for getting to know new people! (specially since most of my friends aren't married, let alone having kids!)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 30-Mar-05 20:58:48

Congratulations! My first was an emergency C-section as well. (VBACs after). Well done you. Hiya Dylan James. Great name!

bobbybob Thu 31-Mar-05 00:22:35

Ghosty is in Auckland.

Saacsmum and I are in Christchurch.

kama Thu 31-Mar-05 00:25:28

Message withdrawn

hana Thu 31-Mar-05 00:26:23


JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 00:26:42

Many congrats! not Patrick then?

ghosty Thu 31-Mar-05 01:31:46

Kirsty, I am happy to meet up with you some time .... I live in Howick ....

KirstyG Thu 31-Mar-05 05:15:57

I have set up a group for Aucklanders to meet each other (people in other City's could set up one too if you wanted to), feel free to hop on and have a look - the next meeting is end of April.

MeetUp Site

bonym Thu 31-Mar-05 16:35:52

Congratulations Kirsty - why not come join us on the March post-natal thread?

Leogaela Thu 31-Mar-05 21:13:22

Congratulations KirstyG! And welcome to Dylan James!

Ditto what Bonym has said, come and chat with us on the March Post-Natal thread.

Pidge Wed 06-Apr-05 17:30:19

Congratulations from another "Marcher". Look forward to seeing you on the post-natal thread.

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