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Beetlebug had her little bundle

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Beetlebug Fri 25-Mar-05 19:12:09

Hi all.

My little boy was born on 5th March 1 day before his due date, at 6.03am weighing in at 6lb 10oz after a 3 hour labour. After much discussion I let my husband name the baby and he decided on Levi Blaise which I love!! I had a fantastic birth and my husband and children were there to share it with me. I am ready to do it all over again already!!!

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Mar-05 19:12:55

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 19:13:08

Congratulations (nice short labour!)! Welcome to the world, little Levi Blaise

hermykne Fri 25-Mar-05 19:13:17

welcome levi blaise, love the 2nd name, well done

coppertop Fri 25-Mar-05 19:13:23

Congratulations, Beetlebug! Welcome to little Levi.

mears Fri 25-Mar-05 19:16:10

Congratulations - sounds a great experience

kama Sat 26-Mar-05 17:42:26

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 26-Mar-05 17:44:31

Congratulations and welcome to Levi Blaise

Leogaela Sun 27-Mar-05 19:25:40

Many congratulations Beetlebug!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Mar-05 19:43:11


pinkdiamond Sun 27-Mar-05 19:43:14

Message withdrawn

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