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Finally, news from Mckenzie....

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mckenzie Thu 10-Mar-05 12:10:06

Contractions 15 mins apart from 2pm til 6pm but no problems, went to M&S, Tesco, picked my nephews up from school, made dinner etc.

Then waters broke about 6pm and within 5 mins the contractions were 3 mins apart.
Midwife arrived at 6.45pm and they were 2 mins apart and I was 8cm dilated.

Got straight into the pool and Lucy Ann was born at 8.33.

Was it the acupuncture that I had on tuesday that finally got me going or the spinning class that I did yesterday morning I wonder??

Many thanks to all of you who have supported me through this last week or so of being overdue, especially Pupuce.
It was the most beautiful birth in the end and well worth the wait.

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 12:10:42

Fabulous and welcome to little Lucy

Mothernature Thu 10-Mar-05 12:11:05

Well done you and welcome Lucy Ann

Kayleigh Thu 10-Mar-05 12:11:07

Congratulations on your baby girl

Peckarollover Thu 10-Mar-05 13:05:15


bundle Thu 10-Mar-05 13:21:21

oh how lovely. how much did she weigh?

hoxtonchick Thu 10-Mar-05 13:40:09


mckenzie Thu 10-Mar-05 16:19:37

thanks all. She's a big girl, 8lb 8oz. But I guess soem of that is cos she was 10 days late. She hasn't fed since 4.30am, just slept. The widwife said this is fine??? Guess I'm going to be up all night feeding instead huh?

coppertop Thu 10-Mar-05 16:20:53


Gem13 Thu 10-Mar-05 16:23:48

Congratulations and welcome to Lucy Ann

I was told with both of my sleepy ones not to let them go more than 6 hours without a feed. But that was when they were a few days old and getting sleepier and sleepier...

I would think you are fine on her second day. Get some sleep yourself!

Tipex Thu 10-Mar-05 17:18:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Thu 10-Mar-05 17:21:12

Congratulations McKenzie and an overdue welcome to little Lucy Ann. Pretty names! Glad all is well

ponygirl Thu 10-Mar-05 17:24:12

Congratulations, Mckenzie! Well done!

pooka Thu 10-Mar-05 19:52:57

Congratulations. Lovely name (I have a Lucy Anna!).

bundle Thu 10-Mar-05 19:53:51

mckenzie, my girls were 8lb 4.5oz and 8lb 9.5oz. and dd1 slept a lot at first!

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 10-Mar-05 19:54:31


Welcome Lucy Anna

Hulababy Thu 10-Mar-05 19:55:18

Congratulations and welcome to Lucy Ann

maisystar Thu 10-Mar-05 20:00:14


bonym Thu 10-Mar-05 20:11:58

Congratulations, and welcome to Lucy Ann

pupuce Thu 10-Mar-05 20:25:09

Brilliant - I am soooo pleased for you
And a sister for your DS... lovely - hope he likes the name !
Glad it all worked out so well !
Enjoy her... and if you struggle with BF - please e-mail me

Pidge Thu 10-Mar-05 21:34:13

What wonderful, wonderful news - and I think our little girls share a birthday if Lucy Ann was also born on Wednesday? Am about to post a birth announcment too.

Many congratulations - look forward to sharing new baby stories with you soon!

WideWebWitch Thu 10-Mar-05 22:29:06

Oh wow, you got your home birth! Was your dh happy with it in the end? (I think it was you whose dh was worried about it, sorry if I've got this wrong) big congratulations

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 10-Mar-05 22:32:30


mckenzie Fri 11-Mar-05 12:01:24

thanks again for all your messages.

Yes WWW, it was my DH who was dead set against a home water birth and when the contractions went so quickly from 15 mins apart to 3 mins apart he got completely freaked out and said that this was why he didn't want to be doing this. I have to say I was nearly as freaked as him so I dont blame him at all.
But he loved it in the end! and he got his wish of filming some of it (for our eyes only) which he's chuffed about as I didn't know he was doing it as apparently I had my eyes closed the whole time!

motherinferior Fri 11-Mar-05 12:09:26

Good for you!

We 'I'm having a home birth whether you like it or not' girls must stick together!

Well done, sweetie

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