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TwilightSurfer's Rollercoaster Baby Tale

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TwilightSurfer Mon 27-Oct-08 21:40:31

Exactly 10 weeks ago I gave birth to a very healthy 8lb 9oz little girl named Reese Eleanor. I've tried numerous times to type my story and each time I ended up deleting it. Today, however, I came up with the brilliant idea to recreate my tale by searching through my MN posts. This CRAZY post is devoted to all that supported me during my rollercoaster ride. {{{hugs}}}
[Note: for those who don't know me via MN, I am in the states so some of my medical language and time references are different.]

In short, I tried for one year to get pregnant and ended up pregnant for one year.

By TwilightSurfer on Mon 01-Oct-07 ((CD29))
BFP after 13 cycles!!! smile

By TwilightSurfer on Tue 30-Oct-07 15:19:47 ((W8D3))
{{{Deep Breath}}}
I just started bleeding about 45 minutes ago. I'm in no pain just very shakey as there's only one reason to bleed this way. It's not spotty or just there when I wipe. It's not gushing either. Honestly, it's just like my normal AF arrived. I've phoned my nurse and left word for her to call back. I've phoned my DH who's hundreds of miles away. I've gotten myself dressed in case I should need to leave shortly. I'm getting my DD together as she'll have to join me if we have to leave.

Talk about crushed. I've become a statistic.

8 weeks 3 days

I'll post again later. I just needed to say things out-loud but not in the real world.

By TwilightSurfer on Tue 30-Oct-07 20:36:43 ((W8D3))
{{{ E X H A L E }}}

All is well. I truly feel like I dodged a bullet. The baby looks good. It measures 7 weeks 4 days which gives me an adjusted EDD of 14June. That?s a week off from my LMP estimates?which says I?m 8 weeks 3 days today. But what?s a week as long as it?s healthy.

It?s time I share a little personal information that until now wasn?t relevant. I live in America. From a medical standpoint, it seems some of our care is different but only slightly. I felt it important to share this as some of what I did today may not coincide with things in the UK.

I thought AF arrived at 10:30am. It was VERY obvious, thick, and brown to red?.just like first day AF. I immediately phoned my OB/GYN?s office and left her nurse a message as I didn?t feel it was life threatening. I wasn?t in pain but did have some low cramping. The same low cramping I?ve had for weeks now that I attributed to things growing. The nurse called at noon and asked me to come on in for a scan. I peed in a cup (for no reason?I?ll explain in minute). Then my OB/GYN gave me a pelvic exam. The whole time I?m bleeding but not as heavy. The doc shook her head and said she didn?t ?see? any obvious problems so she sent me down the hall for a scan and another pregnancy test. It seems someone dumped my pee so they didn?t have what they needed for the second pregnancy test. That was a bit of an ARRGGHHH moment which only added to my mood AND the fact the fire alarm kept going off because it was being repaired. Oh and I had my 3 year old with me which could have been really bad but I grabbed her portable DVD player as we left the house??..only to have the batteries run out just before the scan.

The scan, which totally thrilled my DD, was exactly what I needed. I saw the baby with all its growing parts. The sac was nice size with plenty of fluid. It was embedded high which apparently is another plus. The heartbeat was very strong and soooooo wonderful to see. That?s when I finally broke and started to cry. The ultrasound technician was excellent. She gave me more information than my doctor has ever given me. She did however preface with the fact that this is very early in the pregnancy and anything can happen but that as of this moment, today, all looks perfect. Her explanation for my bleed today is this: Sometimes fluid gets trapped in pockets and when the uterus grows, changing positions, expanding to reach all the way across the pelvis area, those pockets get pushed out. The fluid can be brown, red, clear, or any combination thereof. Most times the pockets are small and you never notice when they get pushed out. She couldn?t be FOR SURE that?s what caused my bleeding today because she couldn?t find a large pocket on the scan but she did find a few small ones so the assumption has some founding. I did experience some hard core pain on my left side during the scan. The tech said it looked like that ovary was the one that produced the egg but nothing looked abnormal. Oh but I have a dozen pics of the little one...tomorrow I'll try to post one in my personal pics.

It?s been five hours and I?m basically free of blood. WHEW!! That was scary.

On a funny note, I called my DH, who?s over on the West Coast in Seattle till Thursday, to tell him the good news. He was excited to hear the good news then asked, ?so is it a boy or a girl?? [Twilight just shakes her head.] Men!!!

Thanks so much for all the kind words of support. I felt all the positive energy. You are an amazing group. Thank you.
By TwilightSurfer on Sat 10-Nov-07 03:58:38 ((W9D6))
It?s only been a few short hours since my last post but in the interim I miscarried. It was actually very quick. I had intense pain and had started passing large clots in the minutes leading up to the event. After it happened my body relaxed completely. A calm came over me that I hadn?t felt in many weeks. I had my OB/GYN on the phone no less than 5 minutes later. We discussed in great detail what had happened. She said I handled things very well and unless I felt otherwise inclined I could wait until Monday morning for a complete exam. She said under the circumstances rest was the best medicine she could prescribe. So rest it shall be. Although my journey was short it was not without purpose.

As I?ve written in the past, this is an amazing group. Best wishes to you all.
By TwilightSurfer on Sun 25-Nov-07 BDed ((CD15))
By TwilightSurfer on Thu 06-Dec-07 15:47:19 ((CD26))
I don't want to be disrespective to those having a tough go right now but I really need to post that I just got a very faint, kinda shadowy, BFP and I'm kinda in shock (happy shock but scared).
By TwilightSurfer on Mon 18-Aug-08 03:46:05 ((W40D2))
so far every 6min for 1.5 hours.
dh asked to get a little shut eye so i've just started the online contraction counter. these are much much much much stronger than any of the others......have to remember to breath.......
By TwilightSurfer on Mon 18-Aug-08 15:33:38 ((W40D2))
Just popping in to say I have my epidural now.

DH is taking pictures of me typing....he still thinks it's funny. I just like having something to take my mind off these transition shakes. They are fading slowly.

Might have the baby in the next 45 minutes or so. Just as long as it's before lunch because I'm starving. Will be ordering japanese...filet mignon, steamed rice and veggies. YUMMM!! All the BF chatter makes me envy that all your LOs are getting food and I'M NOT!!

It is so wonderful to look over at the monitor and see a massive contraction AND NOT FEEL A THING. Drugs are amazing.

Will sign off now to rest up for the big PUSH.

By TwilightSurfer on Tue 19-Aug-08 14:50:20
Mr. Twilight here...
Reese Eleanor arrived 17:48 yesterday. 18 AUG .
It was an emg CS because baby Twilight was 8# 9 oz!
TS Dazed and Confused should be back to normal tomorrow with full story.

Hope you ladies are doing well.

By TwilightSurfer on Tue 19-Aug-08 19:11:04
Ladies all was a breeze until 12:30 when they broke my waters....I was 8cm/80%/0station. AND THAT'S WHERE I STAYED....... Until 5:58pm when DD2 was PULLED OUT of me via top hatch. We did everything imaginable to change the situation. Her head was just too big from my shock . Doc told me this morning he kinda figured things would end the way they did when he broke my bag of waters and nothing immediately happened. She was just plain old STUCK where she was. The worst part was labouring for hours first. I even allowed most of my pain meds to wear off so I could help monitor's heart rate kept dropping with each contraction...I was attempting to manupulate her and the contractions and doing a damn good job of it BUT! She was lodge in there pretty damn good.

After the CS my world turned upside down. I hadn't eaten for 24 hours and hadn't slept in 36 hours. The meds made the room spin for me so I couldn't keep my eyes open. I puked every time I moved or attempted to open my eyes. AND my evening care nurse was a nightmare. Doc told her to get me some food. She didn't. I asked for a certain drink. She wouldn't let me have it. The witch even tried at 3AM to get me up and walking....THE ROOM WAS SPINNING FOR ME WTF so I refused to get out of bed. I started my own recovery plan about 6am and by 9am was feeling better. Doc said I might get to go home tomorrow. I kept all foods down since 8am. I've had all wires removed (except one pending one trip to the loo...which hopefully will be in a few minutes). I'm sore but not bad really. All the techs/docs and nurses have raved about my tiny cut and stitches. All the fluids they gave have made my feet look HUGE and feel funny. Otherwise I'm just tired.

Reese is good. Quite cranky. AND THICK! She has her dad's check dimples. And a nice looking tan...all the days spent sitting on the porch in the sun I guess.

Thanks so much for all your cheers. The ladies who helped me through my labor loved reading the posts. It kept us motivated. I wish things had gone smother but the bottom line is Reese is here and healthy. Can't complain about that.

miamla Mon 27-Oct-08 21:47:30

what a good idea to get all your posts together!

<waves at TS>hi!

ButterflyBessie Mon 27-Oct-08 22:04:48

What a lovely story, congratulations enjoy parenthood grin

TwilightSurfer Mon 27-Oct-08 22:52:44

<<waves>>Miamla. LOL this posting makes me blush. Seems a bit revealing now reading it all together.

Thank you ButterflyBessie.winksmile

lulumama Tue 28-Oct-08 08:06:01

what a story ! it takes a lot to make me cry at this time of the morning smile enjoy your precious DD xxx

Lcy Tue 28-Oct-08 08:15:28

Congratulations TS. What a journey xxx

longwayfromhome Tue 28-Oct-08 09:54:34

TS - not quite sure what to say - what an amazing record of the past two years and Reese's arrival. Thank you for all your support and company on the August boards this last year.

miamla Tue 28-Oct-08 20:03:49

why are you blush?
i'm quite jealous that i can't remember as many details for my story. And i absolutely agree with lwfh, the August board would have a very different place without you. For starters, we wouldn't have been anywhere near as organised with all the stats! Your lists were great and very much appreciated especially with all of our cotton wool pregnant memories!

TwilightSurfer Tue 28-Oct-08 22:03:50

i am blush.
as a person who steers clear of all rollercoasters, i am grateful i rode this one especially with all my mn family. you guys rock!

debinaustria Tue 28-Oct-08 22:13:32

TS - As one that was with you at the beginning of the ride it's lovely to hear the rest of the story. Lovely pics on your profile too smile

How are you?

TwilightSurfer Wed 29-Oct-08 09:44:58

Hi Deb!!! {{{{{waves}}}}}
Things are pretty good on this side of the pond. I hope all is well with you too. Are you and the June girls getting along well? I've been meaning to pop by the thread but time isn't really on my side

debinaustria Wed 29-Oct-08 22:11:32

Hi TS - yes we're all getting on fine thanks.

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