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nik's wee bundle

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Nik72 Wed 09-Mar-05 01:33:43

Ellie arrived a week late 3rd march. Had a fairly quick labour, mostly at home & almost fully dilated when went in so will definitely think about home bith next time (omg - did I say next time?).
BF a struggle at first but improving thanks to a great community midwife, DH being my rock, could not be doing this without him. am sleepless but besotted.....

suzywong Wed 09-Mar-05 04:00:14

congratulations and welcome to your new daughter

Socci Wed 09-Mar-05 04:45:22

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Wed 09-Mar-05 08:09:16

ellie is a great name, congrats and lol at the next time!

SeaShells Wed 09-Mar-05 08:20:01


A great big 'welcome to the world' to little Ellie!

LGJ Wed 09-Mar-05 08:20:44

lots of love to you all

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 09-Mar-05 08:29:25


Angeliz Wed 09-Mar-05 08:57:53

Congratulations+++++++++++++(have been waiting for your announcement)
Welcome to Ellie and long may you stay besotted!

Leogaela Wed 09-Mar-05 09:51:14

Many congratulations Nik! That besotted feeling is wonderful isn't it!

coppertop Wed 09-Mar-05 09:52:56


Hazellnut Wed 09-Mar-05 11:19:49

Congratulations Nik - only a few days after feb - well done !! Glad it all went well.

Hulababy Wed 09-Mar-05 17:32:55

Congratulations and welcome to Ellie

Tipex Wed 09-Mar-05 21:32:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

biglips Wed 09-Mar-05 21:58:04


zippy539 Wed 09-Mar-05 22:09:19

Congratulations and welcome to Ellie!

stupidgirl Wed 09-Mar-05 22:11:55


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