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nicewarmslippers has a perfect VBAC!

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nicewarmslippers Wed 15-Oct-08 07:06:28

I did it! It was the most amazing thing. Having been terrified of similar complications (ending in cesarean) I had with dd I had the perfect birth. Little boy born at the weekend. 10 hours of proper labour. It was the most amazing experience and I have suddenly this HUGE respect for all mothers. Obviously in so many ways my cesarean was so much harder (hours of ocytocin contractions before) but it was so medical and in many ways I didn't feel involved. I just feel so proud of myself for having done it and fascinated by the prgress and so lucky to have been able to experinece it. The midwives were amazing. The most valable thing for me was my midwife talking through natural birth progression a few days before it started so when transition hit (scary and wierd) I knew what was happening. Goodness crowning hurt.

I have been worried that I can't stop weeing once I start but apparently thats normal for the first few days, anyone else find that?

I wish all the best to everyone waiting (especially those hoping for VBAC)


FourArms Wed 15-Oct-08 07:15:10

Congratulations I had a VBA1C with DS2, and I was on a high for ages afterwards. I think the weeing is quite normal - your pelvic floor isn't affected in quite the same way with a c/s birth. I certainly had this, and it did go back to normal - keep up the pelvic floor exercises though!

nicewarmslippers Wed 15-Oct-08 09:41:30

Hi four arms

Thanks for the message. I am totally on a high too. I didn't mind not sleepjgn at all last night as just gazed as him and remmebers it all.

Good to hear the weeing thing happened to you too. At least I can control when I start I just can't stop if I want to part way through. My mw says its totally OK and doesn't mean I'll be incontinent for life which was a concern! People just don't tell you these things. I am finding myself telling everyone who asks how I am as I find myself saying 'totally fine' (as I am) but then I realise that I am therefore doing the same as I complain about and maybe leading other people who give birth vaginally to think its normal to feel totally fine. So now I say 'totally fine but unsurprisingly I can only waddle and can't stop weeing once I start and need to hold a pad down below when I pooh'. Obviously I don't give such information to everyone who asks (father in law for example) but any other women who may have or are likely to give birth.


lauraloola Wed 15-Oct-08 13:38:07

Congratulations x What have you called him?

The waddling will stop soon! Make sure you try to do your pelvic floor excercises x

findtheriver Wed 15-Oct-08 18:45:36

Well done - it's certainly a different experience vaginally isn't it?!! Yeap, crowning hurts like mad! But as you say, there's no better feeling than having done it. Well done.

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