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Alexa808 has had her little baby girl

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Alexa808 Sun 05-Oct-08 11:27:30

Hello everyone,

thank you for all the support in the last 9 months, the answers, the sharing and confidence building.

On October the 2nd my DH and I welcomed our first baby into the world. Tienette is a healthy and lusty baby at 48cm and 3295g. She is so very adorable and a real angel sleeping for up to 5 1/2h and snuffling and smelling so lovely.

A space in my heart has been filled out that I never knew existed. A tugging that aches and makes me so happy at the same time. She looks like her Daddy but has my eyes and lips...ahhh...

I'm in love.

avenanap Sun 05-Oct-08 11:28:38

ongratulations. smile May she bring you many, many years of joy.

RubySlippers Sun 05-Oct-08 11:30:22


ronshar Sun 05-Oct-08 13:33:29

Well done love.

A new baby is such a special part of life.

jenwa Sun 05-Oct-08 15:04:30

Ahhh, such a lovely story. How did it all go?

Glad she is doing well and hopefully you will be home soon.

ajm200 Sun 05-Oct-08 20:01:12

Congratulations and such a lovely name !

MatNanPlus Sun 05-Oct-08 22:25:41

Lovely name, Congratulations

Expectant Mon 06-Oct-08 13:56:21

Congrats - can't wait to meet her soon and introduce her to Sam - we don't know too many baby girlswink

myjobismum Mon 06-Oct-08 20:45:49

congratulations Alexa - know how you feel, although Naomi is my second, i love her as much as she were my first and cannot believe i have a precious baby girl - may you enjoy every moment - well done!

umberella Mon 06-Oct-08 20:47:12

congratulations alexa smile

egypt Wed 08-Oct-08 05:55:57

CONGRATULATIONS!! Just seen this. We must catch up xx

Buda Wed 08-Oct-08 06:24:14

Many many congratulations. She sounds adorable. Well done you.

frangipan Wed 08-Oct-08 09:15:11

aww congratulations on your new arrival smile

slim22 Wed 08-Oct-08 10:08:19

many congratulations.

CoteDAzur Wed 08-Oct-08 10:15:11

Congratulations Alexa smile

Sorry if this is inappropriate on a birth announcement thread, but could you say whether Epi-NO was effective?

Alexa808 Fri 10-Oct-08 09:23:03

Hello all, the little rat (earth rat to be precise as it's 2008) is schnoozing and cooing in her sleep. It's soooo adorable. I already know I want more grin

expectant: yes, definitely, as soon as I can swing myself into a car again. Or you come up to ours.

Thanks egypt & slim: I'm finally at home. The hospital staff were lovely but throughout I was in a lot of pain once they took my pethidine away from me... I could hardly move until 2 days ago & I'm still on drugs. Would love to catch up and see you both and the little ones. If time allows for you, please drop by!!

CoteDAzur: I did the Epi-NO nearly till the end & I haven't tinkled myself again and am definitely stronger down there. However, I went through with my CS so no tearing there. My friend has given birth 2 weeks prior to me and had been using it, too. Only very small tear despite a tall 3.6kg baby. Am using it again to keep tight. I think it's useful for any woman, not just in pregnancy.

Thank you so much everyone else!!! myjob: I'm glad to hear you feel that way. I have been wondering how one could possibly feel double or triple the love but it seems to come easily. Congrats to you!! Enjoy your little darlings. x

slim22 Fri 10-Oct-08 11:23:34

Oh poor you!

In laws in town. Going away sunday. Call you next week. Can't wait to see her!


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