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sambrads girl is here !!!!

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sambrads Fri 03-Oct-08 19:50:17

hello everyone here is my story

yesterday morning (2nd oct) i had a very big show followed by a few pains in my back and bits. carried on all day as i had an appointment with mw at 5.45 that night .

i cleaned the house and played with ds and at 5 went round to my mums with ds for her to mind him while we went to the appointment i took his wee over night bag just incase.

wnt to appointment told mw i thought something was happening she pulled my trousers down and checked between y bum and said i was in labour as i had a line up my bum hmm i could not believe it .

she give me an internal at and said i was 5cm then i got off the table and waters broke !!

went to MLU at 6.45 and contractions came thick and fast. it was so much more painful than ds .

at 8 i was ready to push and i pushed my heart out and she slid out at 8.52 the mw and me were in shock 3 hours i was in established labour .

she is just gorgeous 7lb 91/2oz of her i was told i was having a big baby but believe me with just gas and air she was big enough .

i got home at 4 today from the hospital no stitches needed bu bum very sore from pushing thank god for witch hazel!!!!

cant believe i was in and out in less than 24 hours and now sitting looking at my wee brooke she is perfect

Saturn74 Fri 03-Oct-08 19:52:23

congratulations! smile

FruitynNutty Fri 03-Oct-08 20:04:21

AHHHHH I've just found this.
Sam That's fantastic news! Only three hours shock I'm soooooo jealous but hoping my labour will be nice and short too. And a nice size too, you lucky lucky thing grin
So pleased for you!
Well done and congratulations! xx

sambrads Fri 03-Oct-08 20:44:17

thanks fruity how are you ???

its hard to believe how quick she came i always said i would love a quick labour but it was very intense and scary and the pain was like nothing i have ever felt !!

my dh was saying i was shouting i need an epidural just as head was crowning the feeling was so but i just wanted to die!! they did have prblems etting my placenta out as it was stuck but it managed to come out with out the need of surgery but it did scare me a bit

cant believe how good she is feeds every 4 hours so far but she is one hell of a pooer!! grin

ronshar Fri 03-Oct-08 20:54:36

What can I say. It sounds like a perfect birth. After all your worries. Brooke has done you proud.
Give her lots of kisses from all of us on Oct thread.
PS. can you send some of that labour luck to me pleasegrin

hedgepig Fri 03-Oct-08 21:10:21

well done sambrads what a lovely story and hello Brooke (((big waves))).....but you must be disappointed you didn't get your sweep at the mw appointment grin Could i have some of the labour sparkely dust too??? promise I will share with the other Oct ladies

cheesesarnie Fri 03-Oct-08 21:12:06

congratulations!sounds perfect!

pepperrabbit Fri 03-Oct-08 21:48:47

Congratulations - didn't I say the midwife would send you straight to delivery!!

lauraloola Fri 03-Oct-08 23:06:26

Congratulations. How weird that the midwife knew you were in labour from looking there!!

Brooke is a lovely name x

Emmsy1 Sat 04-Oct-08 05:27:54

congratulations sambrads, really pleased you didn't have a long drawn out laboursmile do you think your MW unintentially broke your waters for you?wink didn't understand the bit about looking at your bum to tell if you were in labour? but as long as all is ok, that doesn't really

07mumstheword Sat 04-Oct-08 07:24:47

Sambrads Congratulations again on the birth of Brooke. Lovely labour story I hope I get by to 5cms dilated whilst doing the housework wink

jenwa Sat 04-Oct-08 08:15:17

Well done, really pleased all went well.
LIke emmsy said I also dont know what the line up your bum means hmm how bizzare!!!!

Glad you have your DD and she arrived safely and quickly after your DS's party and what a fantastic birth (all be it the pain [ouch] but worth it wink

belgo Sat 04-Oct-08 08:21:05

congratulations sambrads! So glad it went well.

Nappyzoneneedssleep Sat 04-Oct-08 13:50:53

well done and big congrats smile

Lozza70 Sat 04-Oct-08 17:00:13

Congrats Sambrads and very brave to do it all on just G and A.

sambrads Sun 05-Oct-08 09:37:46

hi ladies thanks so much

i didnt know about the line up your bum either but ask your mw about it my dh said he seen it when i was on all fours pushing her out blush

apparently the line goes from your bum hole blush and up intto your lower back so if you think your in labour have a look

dont think she men to break waters as she was really sorry about it and told me it would cause the pains to come thick and fast and its beter to have them intact as close to birth as it cushions the cervix and pain not as intense

Alexa808 Sun 05-Oct-08 11:20:27

Congratulations sambrads!!! What a brave lady you are. Wishing you and your family all the very best. smile

loulou33 Sun 05-Oct-08 13:18:44

Congrats Sambrads - hope you're all well and your sore bits are getting better!!

ronshar Sun 05-Oct-08 13:35:47

Sam, you do realise we are all going to get caught on all fours in front of mirrors trying to check it out now dont you!!!

MatNanPlus Sun 05-Oct-08 22:29:30


myjobismum Mon 06-Oct-08 20:51:53

congratulations sambrads - brooke is a beautiful name - enjoy your princess (I am enjoying mine grin ) well done!

caramelbunny Thu 09-Oct-08 09:36:25

Congratulations, a very positive birth story and interesting fact about the bum line!

DungunGirl Wed 22-Oct-08 12:56:32


Just found this post today!
CONGRATULATIONS on the new bundle of joy!

You must be so happy...a little baby girl....ohhh lovely.

I am so pleased for you!

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