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Leogaela's little one was too impatient to wait!

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Leogaela Tue 01-Mar-05 22:30:01

Almost 3 weeks early Niklas Andreas was born on 23rd February at 14.02. He was 3.37Kg (7.4lb) and 48cm and a very beautiful baby.

After showing signs of distress very early in the labour he was born by C/S. Despite this he is an incredibly calm and contented baby.

It was the most amazing moment of my life when they placed his face against mine while we were still in the operating theatre. Every moment with him since then has been a moment of happiness.

Yorkiegirl Tue 01-Mar-05 22:31:11

Message withdrawn

SeaShells Tue 01-Mar-05 22:32:42


May the happiness go on forever and ever...

jangly Tue 01-Mar-05 22:32:42

Congratulations. Well done.

pinkdiamond Tue 01-Mar-05 22:36:32

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Tue 01-Mar-05 22:37:04

Message withdrawn

motherpeculiar Tue 01-Mar-05 22:38:06

congratulations to you all and a big welcome to impatient Niklas

FairyMum Tue 01-Mar-05 22:44:18

Congratulations. Lovely name

oceanmama Wed 02-Mar-05 09:28:05

Congrats to you and your new family, and welcome to little Niklas.

Fastasleep Wed 02-Mar-05 09:30:50

Aww well done Leogaela! And welcome to the world little Niklas, he sounds so cute!

mears Wed 02-Mar-05 09:32:08

Congratulations and welcome to Niklas Andreas. Same birthday as me

Marina Wed 02-Mar-05 09:32:15

How lovely they could do that for you Leogaela, what a wonderful moment! Congratulations on the safe arrival of Niklas Andreas, he was a good size for 37 weeks!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 02-Mar-05 09:34:43


LIZS Wed 02-Mar-05 09:44:30

Congratulations ! I'll look out for you pushing a pram around Migros now !!

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 09:45:28

Congratulations and welcome to Niklas Andreas!

mrsflowerpot Wed 02-Mar-05 09:47:55

Congratulations! Well done and welcome to Nicklas. Long may the happiness continue.

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 09:57:12

Oh well done! Dd2 was 16 days early too - you just enjoy!

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 10:07:10

Many congratulations and a huge welcome to Niklas . Enjoy!

Pidge Wed 02-Mar-05 11:35:39

Congratulations to all of you - and welcome to little Niklas - I even forgive you for jumping the March queue and leaving me in my beached whale state waiting for something to happen .

And well done on providing us with a boy to balance out all those girls - will see what I can come up with when this baby of mine decides to put in an appearance.

Enjoy these early days - isn't it magical getting to know this new little person.

beansprout Wed 02-Mar-05 11:40:04

Congratulations!! Enjoy those wonderful moments of happiness!!

WideWebWitch Thu 03-Mar-05 06:53:16

How lovely, congratulations!

lunavix Thu 03-Mar-05 09:42:51

Congratulations and welcome niklas

Miaou Thu 03-Mar-05 10:03:53

Congratulations Leo, what a good weight for an early baby! Glad you are enjoying him so much. Ooo, love that baby smell...

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