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IPANEMAGIRL are you there ? is your baby here yet ?

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MaryAnnSingleton Tue 30-Sep-08 11:31:17

that's it really ...have been thinking of you smile

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 30-Sep-08 11:56:42


MaryAnnSingleton Tue 30-Sep-08 16:00:37


MaryAnnSingleton Tue 30-Sep-08 16:00:38


jennylindinha Wed 01-Oct-08 15:16:37

Hello MaryAnn, I'm from the September thread... This was from IpanemaGirl:

By ipanemagirl on Tue 23-Sep-08 13:03:42
Sorry I disappeared for so long!
I had a little girl on Saturday at 7 am!
7 lbs 2 pz
I got out of hospital late on Sunday night and am still really really sore, I was induced and she came very quickly, loads of stitches but I'm so relieved it's over and she's feeding like a mighty hungry lass.
They kept us in because my waters had gone and they wanted to be sure neither of us had any infection.
Congratulations to everyone and all the best for those on the way, she's shouting for more milk so I'd better stumble off....

I'm sure she'll be back on soon to update you! smile

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 01-Oct-08 16:04:05

thanks so much !!! that's lovely news grin xxxxx

Tn0g Thu 02-Oct-08 08:00:01

Congratulations, Ipa!

Delighted to read you've had a lovely baby girl.

Hopefully I'll catch up with you at some point.

< Hi, MAS, hope all is well with you too and that your ds is settling in at his new school. >

fryalot Thu 02-Oct-08 08:03:48

oh that's good news, I was wondering the same thing grin

helllllooooooooooo tnoggy one, tis bloody good to see you too. Are ye well?

<<<dances off safe in the knowledge that ex-word-gamers are all present and correct>>>

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 02-Oct-08 10:02:11

hello there TnOg too ! ds is having a good time at school I think - thanks for asking grin - hope all well with you !

MrsJohnCusack Fri 03-Oct-08 11:09:47

oh GOOD I \was wondering and came to see if there was anything here
congratulations IPanema and fabby name (one of my faves)!

thanks jennylindinha

Tn0g Fri 03-Oct-08 13:12:54

The name is lovely, although I did think Ipa would have named the child after me.

Suppose you could always use TnOg as a middle name...Miranda TnOg.

ipanemagirl Fri 17-Oct-08 14:53:13

Hello, I've only just found this thread! Thanks for congrats! I am so shattered and brain dead and fire fighting all over the place! I forgot how hard this was! Love this little dd but it is hard when you're as OLD as me!!!!!!!
She is very funny though and very fierce!
I'm in that weird world of slightly disturbed sleep when all the family help has gone and I'm just here all day trying to DEAL with having almost no time to do anything! wahhhh. I wish I'd done more when I was expecting.......
Big hugs to you here and hello MAS Tnogu Squonk and mrs JC and jennylind too!


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