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foxytocin aka kiskidee got her HWB!

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foxytocin Mon 29-Sep-08 13:46:47

Or careful what you wish for you just might get it. if you know anything about my carry on with my Trust to get my hwb.

I woke up on Sat at with a strong period pain and thought I'll lie here as long as possible. 15 mins later I was on the toilet having a poo, thinking 'this is it', listening to dd1 laughing in her sleep and wishing her to stay asleep. At 3am contractions were 5 mins apart and was on my knees moaning which woke dh.

He begins to inflate the pool and i was now in the downstairs loo pooing again, 15 mins later and bellowing through contractions. He said, who do we need to call? So I ring my doula (3.15 am) between the next 2 contractions, then the hospital. Doula says she'll be there within an hour (she lives 30 min drive away) and i say 'I hope you get here in time!' Feeling a touch of desperation now.

By now I can't stand so I crawl back to the living room and hang over the birthing ball, producing a chorus of animal noises, Buddhist chanting, possibly even yodeling and amazed that i could some of them. the pool by now seems 1/4 filled and i wonder if it will be filled in time. i figure that i may end up delivering on land now and i didn't want that because of spd.

Dh puts the tens on but within 20 mins i feel the baby's head in my backside and feels her body take a big flip in my belly! i shout, 'you have to get me in the pool now!'

Dd1 wanders downstairs asking 'what's this?' and 'why are you in there?' i tell her baby sister is coming now and brace for the next contraction, no, bellowing!grin Dh phones the friends who were to look after her to find out that they had been on the lash and can't pick her up. oh well!

dh, carrying dd1, goes to turn the tap off in the kitchen and takes a fall in a puddle of water that leaked off the hose. i hear her scream and the fright in his voice so all i can imagine is blood. Thankfully hmm he said he landed on her leg so i return back to labouring. I now know that dh settled dd1 on the couch and she watched the birth. by now the phone rings for the second time because the taxi with the midwives is lost.

i feel dd2 crowning and know if i put my hand down I'll feel her head. i tell dh that her head is coming so he looks in and cradles her little head telling me what he can see. and I'm thinking 'thank god she's coming out the right way round,' and settle in for the next contraction.

the shoulders and the rest of her came with the next contraction and i shout to dh to pick her up and bring her up face first. he says he can't because she was under me so i squat on my haunches and see this tiny body with little arms and legs up towards me and i scooped her up. by now it's no later than 4.20 and 2 mins later my doula arrives and 5 mins later the midwives arrive.

dd2 is called Alice Thomasina, weighs 8lb 6oz and has been breastfeeding like a champ since she was 20 mins old.

dd1 has a hairline fracture in her right leg and is smitten with her baby sister.

Pruners Mon 29-Sep-08 13:50:10

Message withdrawn

artichokes Mon 29-Sep-08 13:53:26

What an amazing story!

Ohforfoxsake Mon 29-Sep-08 13:55:15

Congratulations! What a fantastic story (apart from DD1's leg, of course!)

Well done to you all.


MamaG Mon 29-Sep-08 13:57:16

wow what an amazing birth story!

Congatulations and a very warm welcome to Alice (fab name)

Hope DD1 is feeling better soon

Well done

cyteen Mon 29-Sep-08 13:57:39

what a fantastic story! huge congratulations to you all, and a lovely choice of name too

Pidge Mon 29-Sep-08 14:02:38

Oh my goodness - that has got to go down as one of the most amazing birth stories. You will be telling that one for years!! So thrilled for you that you got your homebirth after all the trials. Looking forward to joining you on the postnatal thread too, though not JUST yet .... !!

Hope dd1's leg mends soon - I'm going to be warning dp about that particular hazard before he gets let loose on filling our pool! She certainly won't forget her little sister's arrival will she?

NappiesGalore Mon 29-Sep-08 14:03:51

i watched my mother give birth to my younger brother and sister, and will always remember it. v positively i might add!
(and best wishes to poor dd1's leg!)

belgo Mon 29-Sep-08 14:08:17

Wonderful news! I'm so pleased for you. Great namewink.

Hope your dd1 gets better very soon.

I will be warning dh about the hazards of the hose and the birthing pool!

VictorianSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 14:13:55

Aww, fabsmile

<<mutters, now she kjnows who foxytocin isgrin>>

ILiveInPortBlacksand Mon 29-Sep-08 14:33:36

Fantastic Story. WOW! - just the three of you there.


Hope DD1 is better soon.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 29-Sep-08 14:42:52

Bloody hell - that's quite a story!

Congratulations on the birth of Alice Thomasina, and hoping that dd1's leg is better soon, poor mite!

How fast was your first labour?

lulumama Mon 29-Sep-08 14:46:46

wow ! sounds like you did very well without your doula and MWs. well done. you kept calm in a slightly unnerving situation grin so sorry about DD1's leg, hope she is better soon.

welcome to baby alice, lovely names.

foxytocin Mon 29-Sep-08 15:15:26

thanks everyone.

correction: 1st contraction was at 2.30 am. dd2 was out by 4.20 am so start to finish was 1 hr 50 mins. and not even a graze. <cheeky boast>

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 29-Sep-08 16:11:35

Message withdrawn

belgo Mon 29-Sep-08 16:34:15

I've been thinking about how I would react if this happened to me - an unexpected unassisted birth- and I think I would be absolutely terrified. But if my previous births are anything to go by, I'll have plenty of warning and the midwives plenty of time to get to me (at least they know where I live!) Well done foxy for staying so calm.

plusonemore Mon 29-Sep-08 16:38:05

fab story foxy was your first so fast? how were you after such a fast quick one?

Saturn74 Mon 29-Sep-08 16:39:55

Glad all is well, especially after your worries re the home birth over the past few months.
Poor DD1 - hope she's soon mended.

ajm200 Mon 29-Sep-08 16:42:24

Wow! congratulations on getting your (dramatic) homebirth! shock grin

Glad I know a MW who lives 5 mins away

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 29-Sep-08 16:44:22

Message withdrawn

digitalgirl Mon 29-Sep-08 16:45:05

Very exciting birth story foxy! Congratulations for being so amazing and welcome little Alice!!

charchargabor Mon 29-Sep-08 17:44:34

Wow what an amazing story! All the oxytocin must have helped! smile Congratulations and I hope dd1 is better soon.

eandz Mon 29-Sep-08 18:29:12


Welcome Alice Thomasina!

lots of love and comfort and hugs to your dd1, and a big pat on the back to your dh.

your story is amazing and I'm glad you the birth you wanted.

jennylindinha Mon 29-Sep-08 18:48:09

Wow, fantastic story Foxy - well done! Sounds amazing and you were really calm. Poor DD1, hope she gets better soon, but as everyone has said, at least she'll have a great story about the birth of her little sister smile

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 29-Sep-08 18:53:23

What an amazing story, shed a little tear too(I'm 6 months pg, that's my excuse wink). Lovely names - welcome to the world baby Alice, and hope DD1's leg is better soon.

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