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Lozza70's new arrival Oct thread

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Lozza70 Sat 27-Sep-08 14:50:21

Our PFB boy, Sander Gene, arrived at 14.44 on Monday 22nd September weighing 7lb 5oz by emergency c-section. We were due on the 9th October but on my last day at work before mat leave I was asked to go to the hospital after blood tests showed high levels of alt's from my liver, this plus high blood pressure meant I had to stay in hospital for an induction. No resting and nesting at home for me!!

Warning bit of an essay coming upgrin. My induction was started on Saturday afternoon with a gel and all appeared to be going well as I was having regular small contractions. Unfortunately after reviewing my trace a decision was made not to apply another gel or examine me to see if I was dilated but to wait until the next day and progress my induction with a drip. Late Sunday afternoon a delivery room became available so my induction could be continued by breaking my waters and using a drip. On examination I was found to be only 1cm dilated but the plan to break my waters went ahead. 2 hours later I was still 1cm dilated so I was put onto a drip to speed things along. I don't really remember a huge amount about the next 19 hours but as labour progressed at speed I needed increasing levels of pain relief up to and epidural (apparently I was the only woman who got an epidural that day as there were a shortage of midwives, DH says I was making a lot of noise grin). At 2pm on the Monday I had managed to get to 10 cm and was all set to push but had excruciating pain in my bladder when they found that although they had put 2L of fluids in nothing was draining through my cathether as the baby was in an unusual position in my pelvis so the only option was a c-section or a burst bladder hmm The c-section went well and we now have the most perfect baby boy pics on profile!

belgo Sat 27-Sep-08 15:02:19

Congratulations! It sounds like a very hard experience, I'm glad that you and your baby are fine at the end of it. Hope you recover quickly.

I'm also from the october threadsmile

hedgepig Sat 27-Sep-08 17:56:33

congratulations Lozza he looks very cute. Take it easy and rest as much as you can .

jenwa Sat 27-Sep-08 21:39:55

Congarts lozza Glad you have your baby boy and all well now, sorry it was not a nice labour and you had to have c-sect after all that hard work but I suppose all worth it in the long run.

Take care and hopefully you will stay on the Oct thread to keep us all informed how he is doing (if you have time hmm)!! grin

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 21:41:21

what a time you had, congrats on wee Sander though, he's a doll smile

annwoo Mon 29-Sep-08 14:13:00

Congratulations Lozza he looks gorgeous!

What a hectic birth you had - hope you are recovering ok.

Don't worry all the pain becomes a distant memory in time for you to have your next wink

Enjoy - they grow far too fast. smile

Sallypuss Mon 29-Sep-08 14:18:33

Congratulations Lozza and greetings from the October thread. Sounds like you had quite a torrid time of labour. Sander is beautiful and you must be very proud.

Emmsy1 Sat 04-Oct-08 05:51:42

Well done Lozza, sorry it dragged on a little long for you, at least your little bundle is safely with you X

loulou33 Sun 05-Oct-08 13:23:35

Well done lozza for surviving such a long labour/induction - he is stunning, you should be really proud of him

MatNanPlus Sun 05-Oct-08 22:32:08

Beautiful little boy, Congratulations

myjobismum Mon 06-Oct-08 20:48:18

Congrats Lozza - sounds like quite an ordeal but more than worth it i am sure! enjoy your precious baby boy - hope to keep chatting when an october post-natal starts up smile well done!

caramelbunny Thu 09-Oct-08 09:32:39

Congratulations. Hope you're all well.

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