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Husky Girl's Beautiful Tiny Girl

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HuskyGirl Fri 25-Feb-05 12:26:20

After nightmare first birth (see child birth thread) Marli Jennifer was born on 10-02-05 weighing 5lb 7oz (39 weeks at 5:02am. Middle name of Jennifer named after my mum who passed away recently, sure she would have been very proud of her!

suzywong Fri 25-Feb-05 12:27:07

congratulations and welcome to your new daughter

beansprout Fri 25-Feb-05 12:28:33

Congratulations!! I'm sure your mum would be very proud of you too. Hope you are ok and recovering from the birth.

lockets Fri 25-Feb-05 12:28:47

Message withdrawn

velcrobott Fri 25-Feb-05 12:28:55

Any chance we get more details about the birth ?

dinosaur Fri 25-Feb-05 12:29:23

Congratulations! Lovely names!

(I've posted on your other thread too.)

HuskyGirl Fri 25-Feb-05 12:36:01

lockets - Marli is an italian name that we heard once, having worked in a nursery for 4 years i had heard every name under the sun, and all the names i did like reminded me of the children there, so we needed something unusual.

velcrobott - if you look on the childbirth discussion bit i have droned on and on about it on there!!! (titled nightmare first birth) actually made me feel better typing it all out, getting it all out of my head!

Thanks everyone

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Fri 25-Feb-05 12:45:33


NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 12:48:35


coppertop Fri 25-Feb-05 13:06:37


TinyGang Fri 25-Feb-05 13:16:09

Congratulations! A tiny little fairy girl

Just remembering all those dinky little clothes, ahhh sooo cute.

HuskyGirl Fri 25-Feb-05 13:25:50

Don't mention clothes!!! All through i was told that i was having a big baby and i was measuring 3-4cm bigger at checks, so we bought normal newborn clothes, so when born weighing 5lb 7oz she was completely swamped! Hubby was sent straight to the shops to buy premi sized clothes and nappies! Sure he enjoyed it though as he seemed to return with several thousand outfits! Funny thing is she has the longest feet, so all the clothes are still fitting at the moment, apart from the feet so we've cut all the feet out of the all in one stuff and put socks over to get that extra few days out of them!!!

soapbox Fri 25-Feb-05 13:35:57

Congratulations - sorry the birth was so traumatic - your DD sounds a little treasure

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