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Victoria Beckham has had ds3

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ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 12:04:37

Just heard on the news that Mrs Beckham had her 3rd child by cs last night. They are going to put out a press release shortly for more details.

suzywong Sun 20-Feb-05 12:05:56

oooo thought she was waiting til Friday

shall we open a book for what ludicrous name it's going to get?

nikcola Sun 20-Feb-05 12:06:50

i havent even seen any pics of her being pg

Lonelymum Sun 20-Feb-05 12:06:58

Still too posh to push I take it?

AuntyQuated Sun 20-Feb-05 12:07:01

ahve you got readio 2 on too??

was just about to post this

yeah no name yrt

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 12:07:06

Apparentl I heard it was going to be luna or Something

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 12:07:25

No boring old dh has capital gold on

AuntyQuated Sun 20-Feb-05 12:08:16

Luna Tic Beckham

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 12:08:39

Good one

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:10:22

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Sun 20-Feb-05 12:12:18

Not Louis then? (Loos)

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:14:22

Message withdrawn

oooggs Sun 20-Feb-05 12:14:41

I thought she was having him in London. Not Madrid!

lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 12:23:17

Message withdrawn

Snugs Sun 20-Feb-05 12:41:38


JanH Sun 20-Feb-05 12:41:54


Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 12:45:17

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Feb-05 12:45:45

because she has the tiniest hips in the world.

Snugs Sun 20-Feb-05 13:15:49

I am about the same size as her and managed two vaginal births (did have 1 ventous delivery) - don't think hip size is really a reason.

sparklymieow Sun 20-Feb-05 13:18:11

I am about the same size as her and I had two viginal deliverly too, DS was a CS due to being breech. I think she is just too posh to push still!

Leogaela Sun 20-Feb-05 14:33:20

Apparently you get 'your figure back more quickly' if you have a c/s! And it baby was probably delivered early to prevent stretch marks.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:35:13

Message withdrawn

shevi Sun 20-Feb-05 14:49:49

aaahhh, lets just be happy for them.

Prufrock Sun 20-Feb-05 14:51:29

At least one of her previous sections was medically necessary - and after one section a second is often a better option than a VBAC. So have a go at her abouther dress sense, lack of taste or anything else, but don't start having a go because she took the same birth option as many other people here.

snafu Sun 20-Feb-05 14:51:51

Yeah, you 'get your figure back more quickly' - if you have a tummy tuck at the same time...

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