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FoghornLeghorn has another gorgeous DD

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FoghornLeghorn Sat 16-Aug-08 12:38:37

My absolutely gorgeous DD3 Lara, was born yesterday (15/08) weighing an eye watering 9lb 11oz.

Came home yesterday afternoon, DD's 1&2 being brilliant with her, not too in her face but showing an interest.

3 girls shock

belgo Sat 16-Aug-08 12:39:55

grin that's wonderful neaws - congratulations! I hope the birth went well.

Carmenere Sat 16-Aug-08 12:40:09

grin Fab news, warmest congrats from megrin

TwilightSurfer Sat 16-Aug-08 12:43:58

YEAH!!! Congrats Foghorn!!!!

lauraloola Sat 16-Aug-08 15:42:37

Big congratulations - I love the name x

littlelapin Sat 16-Aug-08 15:43:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nbg Sat 16-Aug-08 15:44:30

Ahhh congratulations Foghorn grin

Lovely lovely name smile

JonahTakalua Sat 16-Aug-08 15:45:48

Congratulations. smile

Wezzle Sat 16-Aug-08 15:55:36

Congratulations Foghorn

JackieNo Sat 16-Aug-08 15:58:43

Huge congratulationsgrin.

MmeLindt Sat 16-Aug-08 16:00:33

Congratulations, lovely name.

VictorianSqualor Sat 16-Aug-08 16:00:51

Congrats FoghornLeghorn smile
Lovely name.
<<waits for full birth story>>

hatrick Sat 16-Aug-08 16:23:55

Message withdrawn

SpookyMadMummy Sat 16-Aug-08 16:31:47

Yay! Congratulations!!!! grin

LaDiDaDi Sat 16-Aug-08 16:46:37


sweetkitty Sat 16-Aug-08 16:52:07

That is fantastic news foghorn have been looking in for your announcement

9lbs 11ozs ouch! well done you and beautiful name too

welcome to the 3 girls gang a month in and it's great - all the best people have 3 girls grin

DrNortherner Sat 16-Aug-08 16:53:08

Loveley news and a lovely name. Welcome to baby Lara!!


cheerfulvicky Sat 16-Aug-08 19:53:55

Congratulations FHLH! Looking forward to hearing more/seeing pics when you have time. Ooooo 3 girls is groovy... [daft and excited emoticon]

kando Mon 18-Aug-08 08:48:29

Congrats Foghorn! Welcome to the fab 3 dds club - I have 3, and I'm one of 3 too!! Girls rock!!

FioFio Mon 18-Aug-08 08:49:38

Message withdrawn

tiredemma Mon 18-Aug-08 08:49:47

oooh Congrats!!

Thomcat Mon 18-Aug-08 08:49:47

Congratulations grin

We're in the same club - 3 girls here too! smile

FoghornLeghorn Tue 19-Aug-08 11:32:02

Thanks for all the congratulations

She is an absolute beaut and is a feeding monster .... I have no worries about her losing weight grin

notnowbernard Tue 19-Aug-08 11:32:50

Congratulations! smile

pgwithnumber3 Tue 19-Aug-08 11:36:07

Congratulations and by the way, I love the name, I may well pinch it if bump turns out pink!

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