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Hooray! I managed VBAC!

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TheApprentice Sat 09-Aug-08 11:42:02

Am so pleased and proud. (had lots of drugs thoughgrin). Baby Elliot was born on 6/08/08 weighing 8lb 1oz. Am exhausted and sore but happy. Should really go and post on over 40s thread and babes in Scotland thread now.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 09-Aug-08 11:45:47

Congratulations on the arrival of Elliot, and well done on the VBAC - it gives me hope and inspiration!

onceinalifetime Sat 09-Aug-08 11:46:14

Well done, very heartening re the over 40's too - wish I'd been so lucky. Congratulations to you on Elliot's arrival!

SlartyBartFast Sat 09-Aug-08 11:54:02

well donesmile

biglips Sat 09-Aug-08 11:58:39


many congrats

ChirpyGirl Sat 09-Aug-08 12:06:26

Well done! and congratulations!
Doesn't it feel weird afterwards when you can <gasp> get up and pick your baby up straightaway!

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 09-Aug-08 12:15:07

Congratulations, and lovely choice of name (will be ds' middle name).

MrsJohnCusack Sat 09-Aug-08 13:09:53


Uranus Sat 09-Aug-08 13:13:40

massive congratulations!

SpookyMadMummy Sat 09-Aug-08 13:26:02


laura325630 Sat 09-Aug-08 19:45:49

Congratulations x

TheApprentice Sun 10-Aug-08 11:56:34

thank you all for your kind messages. Glad you like the name!

HumphreyPillow Sun 10-Aug-08 11:57:29

Congratulations and well done. smile

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