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DIVVY'S baby BOY is here....................

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FAQ Thu 31-Jul-08 20:59:06

don't have many details yet - but I know she was booked in for a CS first thing this morning, just got a text to confirm boy and 10lb 5oz

lulumama Thu 31-Jul-08 20:59:49

lovely. glad to hear of his safe arrival x

malfoy Thu 31-Jul-08 21:00:53

thanks for letting us know. I was wondering.

FAQ Thu 31-Jul-08 21:07:08

she's just texted back to say no name yet - but she's glad he came out the sun roof grin

FAQ Fri 01-Aug-08 00:18:31

bump - just for those that hadn't seen it

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 01-Aug-08 18:00:08

Message withdrawn

dizzydixies Wed 06-Aug-08 20:08:52

10lb 5 what a great weight, well done Divvy smile

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