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Baby girl :-D

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sderoz Mon 28-Jul-08 14:08:50

Hi all, I don't often post but when I introduced myself i got a lovely response and people asked me to keep them updated.

On 16th July at 7.02pm I gave birth to an absolutely gorgeous baby girl named Olivia Rose, weighing 5lbs 10.5oz. This is without doubt the best thing I've done in my life and I'm overjoyed despite the sleepless nights!

I gave birth at home and if anyone would like to ask me about it please feel free. xx

cyteen Mon 28-Jul-08 14:10:50

Ooh, how lovely Congratulations sderoz and welcome to the world baby Olivia!

I'd definitely be interested in hearing your birth story - am 36 weeks with my first and hoping for a homebirth too

biglips Mon 28-Jul-08 14:11:07

big congrats and lovely name for your dd smile

bettythebuilder Mon 28-Jul-08 14:21:37

congratulations, and well done! beautiful name.

hellish Mon 28-Jul-08 14:24:37

Congrats on your new baby girl (she's half the size mine were!)

Love the name.

ellideb Mon 28-Jul-08 15:10:33

Congratulations sderoz! I would love to hear your birth story (the longer the story the better!) especially as I am going in for a homebirth myself, do tell!

laura325630 Mon 28-Jul-08 21:45:44

Congratulations! I love the name x

Boobz Tue 29-Jul-08 13:44:40

Hi sderoz - good to hear you're having a good time of it!

I started a thread for first time home birthers and I'm sure all the other girls would love to hear your experience... can you come over and post it for us?


sderoz Tue 05-Aug-08 09:16:56

Hi again, yes I'll definitely post on that thread asap - difficult to get on 'net for long at the mo and I don't want to rush my post. Hope you understand! xx

Cies Tue 05-Aug-08 09:21:03

Congratulations! Lovely name. smile

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