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Knocked Up's little girl arrived!

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knockedup Tue 01-Jul-08 17:00:30

Hi everyone - thought I'd write down my birth story!

So my little peach Rosie arrived on 29th June - a dainty 8lbs 11oz!!

She was due 23rd June. I had been told I was 1cm and in the latent phase since a week before due date so was feeling fed up to have gone over due date by a week.

Anyway - Woke up at 6am dreaming of having wet myself and there lo and behold my waters had gone a little grin. Felt very calm. Rang labour ward they told me to come in and get checked in my own time. So I had a little breakfast - had a nice bath. We sorted out DD dropped her round to my SIL with her little overnight bag - I was having very mild occasional contractions - it all just seemed way too easy and simple considering my big fear was a middle of the night emergency dash/2nd labour giving birth in the car type drama.

Anyway - got to the hospital, got examined and I was told waters hadn't gone as she could still feel them and that I was still in the latent phase at 1cm. So I had pissed myself then I said - No, a little hind water may have passed but not the main waters - phew I thought.

She gave me a stretch and sweep there and then and told me to walk about in the room and she'd monitor me for a bit.

Well - the contractions started straight away as soon as she left the room. Every 1 min 45secs on the dot, I was doubled over in agony for 30 secs.

Got examined again a couple of hours later and I was asking for an epidural - told you can't have one until your 4cms and I was 2cm. Couldn't believe as I was in agony (baby was back to back by the way). So they gave me diamorphine and sent me down to the antenatal ward.

Diamorphine did nothing - I was getting really scared about the speed and the ferocity of these contractions and was terrified that I would't be able to give birth without an epidural as my first was back to back also.

I asked to be examined by a midwife 40 mins after being sent down to antenatal and I was 7cms! so she sent me back up (I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit in the wheel chair, I couldn't stand waiting for the lift without my legs tightly closed for fear of giving birth in the corridor)

They arranged the epidural as soon as I got back to labour ward and I almost almost didn't get one because I was just in too much pain to sit still for it to go in.

But it did go in and I have never been so relieved!

So I was back on track for an easy birth I thought - well - then the scary stuff. Started pushing. Pushed for an hour and half before midwife pushed the emergency buzzer for the Drs as baby completely stuck and heart rate starting to go down.

Got primed for a CS, went to theatre to try ventouse first - got pumped full of loads of anaesthetic - started panicking - passed out at one stage - really really wierd but they got her out and I have never been more grateful. Only ended up with 1st degree tear as well although I feel like I've been hit by a train - covered in bruises and it's definitely true that after pains are a lot worse second time round.

She's beautiful and I'm loving it second time round. Was convinced I wasn't going to Breastfeed as the pregnancy was quite a sickly one and just wanted my body back but am loving watching her breastfeed. None of it seems as painful as first time round.

Just feeling very sore now but I know it's all going to be ok smile

MamaG Tue 01-Jul-08 17:02:36

Aw congratulations, what an adverturous entrance into the world! You did very well

kando Tue 01-Jul-08 17:20:44

Congratulations! Enjoy your wee girl. If you think after pains are worse second time round, you should try it third time!! grin

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 02-Jul-08 10:53:52

Message withdrawn

StripySails Wed 02-Jul-08 13:48:45

Well done knockedup! I was hoping to see an announcement. It all sounds pretty eventful, but it's so true you forget it straight afterwards. Congratulations again and good luck for the next few months.

biglips Sat 19-Jul-08 19:25:39

wow!....congrats! grin

babytime Sun 20-Jul-08 21:33:16

Wow Congratulations!!!!!!

Sounds traumatic - but you did it and you got your little Rosie - one of my fav names

Enjoy her x

4andnotout Sun 20-Jul-08 21:35:34


laura325630 Mon 28-Jul-08 21:48:37

Congratulations x

Hulababy Mon 28-Jul-08 21:50:36


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