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Baby catsnkids arrived

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catsnkids Sun 23-Jan-05 21:45:18

Baby catsnkids arrived on Thursday 20th Jan at 14.37 weighed in at 8lb 15oz. Dad and big sister were both there. Both did great. Mum and baby Abigail doing well.

collision Sun 23-Jan-05 21:46:38

Great news and CONGRATULATIONS!! More details on the birth when you have more time please.

Love the name Abigail.

colditzmum Sun 23-Jan-05 21:48:06


jessicasmummy Sun 23-Jan-05 21:48:44

Congrats and welcome abigail!

Furball Sun 23-Jan-05 22:00:37

Congatultions, from one old furball to another.

catsnkids Sun 23-Jan-05 23:42:52

More details. Induced by waters broken at 8am. Told to walk about to get things moving, only 2cm. They didn't want to speed me up as last db had a reaction also they said as this was my fifth baby it could cause me to bleed heavily or worse. Walked around till 11.30, by this time i was having contractions every 2-3 minand only 3 cm dilated !! Had epidural at 12.20 took some doing for me to sit whilst contractions still going on but managed thank god as for next 2 hours contractions constant. Started pushing at 14.20 and dd born 14.37, cord round neck frightened dd age 20 but she didn't say anything, but not a problem for my midwife who just got on with doing an excellent job.

mears Sun 23-Jan-05 23:48:30

congratulations and welcome to Abigail

Hulababy Mon 24-Jan-05 08:39:02

Congratulations and welcome to Abigail

leander Mon 24-Jan-05 08:49:56

congratulations, and welcome baby Abigail xx

beansprout Mon 24-Jan-05 10:35:24

Congratulations! Glad you are all ok. Abigail is a lovely name xx

pupuce Mon 24-Jan-05 19:23:11

brilliant... was looking out for announcement!
Enjoy your daughter

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