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naming ceremony

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eleanorsmum Sun 09-Jan-05 17:42:13

we are having dd named in a few weeks (like a christening but no religon stuff) any one had any experiences they would like to share to help the day go smoothly?

Loobie Sun 09-Jan-05 18:18:54

I had a naming ceremony for dd on her first birthday and it was one the best days ever apart from having my three children.
I laid on a massive spread for family and friends there were about 40 odds of us altogether.I had it in my own house,appointed mentors for dd who were close family friends,i held a ceremony ,made a speech about dd,how her name came about,why i picked it,what it meant.I spoke about what she meant to me,held her in my arms and read her a beautiful poem.Then handed her over to her mentors who also made a speech about always being around for her etc.then they also read a poem to her.After which we all went out into the garden and each released a pink balloon and had toasted katie as they all flew off.Then we ate LOADS After everyone was gone i sat with dd and her mentors as she opened all her prezzies,it really was the most wonderful day and i would thoroughly reccomend one.
CAT me if you want any more ideas.HTH

triceratops Sun 09-Jan-05 18:26:22

We had a christening but many of the same things apply. Make sure you get lots of photos or video of the day to show your dd later. A cake is nice as is champagne.

If you are having small children along to the ceremony make sure that there is something for them to do, they love to get involved and be the center of attention. We had them lined up to "give" the baby a flower and say "welcome".

Pagan Fri 14-Jan-05 15:03:15

We just had a special first birthday party with all the family in the distillery where we got married.

DH did a wee speech and I did a bigger one along the lines of normal christenings have 2 god parents but non religious ceremonies have guide parents but then why just two?? So asked everyone to write a message of advice or nonsense to help or amuse DD in years to come. It was lovely and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it

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