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Rachel Pross's bump has landed!!

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RachelPross Wed 23-Apr-08 16:06:34

Well my water's went on the day after my EDD, I was meant to be going in for a sweep at 9.30 that morning so went to the local hospital to check that it wasn't just a "big wee" as my DH put it...charming!
Consultant confirmed my waters had gone and that I was 2cm dilated so I was told to make my way to the Maternity unit in Swansea. We spent all day just sat there in the Antenatal ward waiting for something to happen.
DH was sent home at 8.30pm, when my contractions were getting more painful, but I was still only 2cm dilated (gutted). I was moved into a room on my own as I was wailing like a demented banshee by about 10.30pm...DH was called back in at 1.30am.
I was finally moved at 1.30am up to the labour ward where I got my hands on the gas and air....what a relief that was!!
Baby was finally born at 6.05am (after me being told at 5.50am that I had 15mins to get the baby out or the Dr would be in with the forceps....funny how that focuses your mind!)
Placenta took 45 mins to come out so almost ended up in theatre again...the last thing I wanted after managed my VBAC!
We came home on Wednesday lunchtime and are both doing v well at home now.

uberalice Wed 23-Apr-08 16:38:04

Well done. Congratulations. Boy or girl?

2littlemonkeys Sat 24-May-08 19:46:30

Ah congrats, i remember you from june 06 babies. xx

RachelPross Sun 03-Aug-08 21:30:05

I had a little igrl, she's now 15 weeks old and is fac, sleeps all night!!! How lucky am I!!

giraffescantdancethetango Sun 03-Aug-08 21:34:01


butterflybessie Sun 03-Aug-08 21:36:33

Congratulations on your VBAC, great feeling isn't it?grin

laura325630 Sun 03-Aug-08 21:57:23

Congratulations xx

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