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My (long) Birth Story plus a bit extra

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missnatalie Wed 02-Apr-08 23:22:20

I was booked in for an induction (due to high BP, reduced fetal movement and reduced amniotic fluid) on 8th Feb at 9.30am. When I arrived at the ward there was no bed available, so was told to go home and they would call me when there was a bed available. MW phoned me at 11am and I went straight to the ward.
At 1pm MW examined me and she said that my cervix was only slightly open (could just fit her fingertip inside) but favourable for induction. She then inserted the first Prostin tablet. That was really uncomfortable. I didn’t realise how far up it had to actually go. I was then put onto the monitor for 1hr to make sure that everything was ok with the baby.
1hr late MW took me off the monitor and told me to start walking around and bounce on the birthing ball. I did this for 6 whole hours but felt no different. At 7pm I was re-examined to see if there was any change to my cervix. MW started the examination and started asking me weird questions about having cervical cysts etc. I knew something was wrong and then she told me that she could feel something hard like a cyst at the opening of my cervix. But then she said that it felt like a finger. At this point I was really worried and thought she could feel my baby’s finger. Turns out that it was the Prostin tablet that was put in at 1pm. It hadn’t dissolved at all! MW said she has never heard of this happening before and decided to insert a 2nd one. I was then left over night.
Next morning I was examined again and by this time I was still only 1cm. MW called the consultant who would decide what to do next. The consultant arrived and said at the 1st Prostin didn’t work they would insert a 3rd one and possibly a 4th. Well the 3rd did nothing again (apart from give me really bad Prostin pains which apparently are fake contractions) so by the time they put the 4th one in I was really uncomfortable down below and just wanted my baby out. I paced the corridors, bounced on the birthing ball, visualised the birth and even had a go on the breast pump. By the time of the final examination my cervix was 1.5cm dilated. MW said that it was possible to break my waters at this point and she sent me straight up to delivery.
On the way up there I started with mild contractions. The second that the MW broke my waters at 11am and the mild pain turned to excruciating pain. I begged the MW for pain relief and she brought me the gas and air. Due to a blood disorder that I have my lips and tongue started to swell (this happens when I feel pain) to I was given an epidural. I had the mobile one so that I could still feel my legs etc.
I was then left to let the contractions do there magic and thank god, I didn’t feel a thing. The epidural only last about 1.5hrs so it was topped up regularly. The whole labour was very relaxing even though I was in the hi Tec room. We had heart FM on in the background all throughout. It was lovely. I was examined at 3pm and was 3cm. I was re examined at 7pm and was 9cm. 2hrs after that I was 10cm. I was then given 1hrs rest and started pushing at 11pm. The pushing was really hard, as I couldn’t feel anything due to the epidural. The MW said that I was pushing in the right place as I did a pooh. That was so embarrassing. I pushed and pushed as hard as I could and as they baby got closer, he decided to turn his head. His head was now stuck and he just wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pushed. The MW called in the consultant who gave me 2 options. I could either push for another hour and see if he moved his head into position or she could help me with the vontouse. I opted for her help as I was absolutely exhausted by this point. It still took about 15 mins but after a lot of pulling, a lot of pushing and an episiotomy, Henley Ethan was born at 12.41am on Monday 11th February, weighing 6lb 7oz. Due to the cord being around his neck and his HR dropping during his entry, he was taken straight over to the paediatrician. He was checked over and given the thumbs up.
Once he was out that’s when all the problems started for me. The placenta was stuck and as the consultant tried to pull it out via the umbilical cord, the cord snapped. Like Henley, the placenta was now stuck too. I was loosing lots of blood, my blood pressure dropped very low and I turned as white as snow. I was rushed to theatre to have the placenta removed manually but when we got there the theatre was full. So the doctor topped up the epidural so that I couldn’t feel a thing, put her hand inside me, told me to push has hard as I could and then pulled the damn thing out. She said that it was a struggle but she managed to get it out although she couldn’t be sure if the membranes were out too. Once the placenta was out she managed to stop the bleeding and stitched me up really well. I was then put on a drip and had a 6-unit blood transfusion. I couldn’t hold Henley at first as I was too weak. I couldn’t even feed, change or cuddle him. It really hurt to see others doing this. I just wanted to hold my baby.
The next day with the help of MW I was able to put Henley to the breast but due to me being so ill I was hardly producing anything. MW suggested that I express and feed him what little I had through a syringe and then top him up with formula milk. I did this for a few days but then I completely dried up and had to give him the formula milk all the time. My milk didn’t come in until day 5, which was quite bizarre. By this point he was so used to the bottle that he wouldn’t go back to the breast so I ended up using a breast pump and giving it to him that way.
Henley then got jaundice so he was under the lamp for 2 days and whilst he was under he did nothing but scream. It was heart breaking to sit and watch him, knowing that it was for his own good and there was nothing that I could do for him. His jaundice was made worse as the vontouse suction during delivery had caused a haematoma on his head and apparently they make jaundice worse.
All together we were in hospital for 6 nights due to his jaundice and me being unable to wee (had to wear a catheter for 11 days)
We were only home for 2 days when Henley started having some kind of fit. When we took him to the hospital the doctor said he was having seizures. The first thing I thought of was epilepsy. He had loads of blood tests and I mean loads and was hooked up to loads of different machined for different things. He had a canular in both hands and one in his foot with a different drug going in each one. The blood results would take 2hrs to come back and because the doctor didn’t know what was causing the seizures she decided to treat him for everything, meningitis, epilepsy plus many other things that I cant remember. After about 30 mins the seizures stopped and then the blood results came back. The results shown that he had a calcium deficiency. His level was only 1.53 when it should be over 2.00. He was given calcium through the IV everyday until it was high enough to stop the seizures. It got to 1.75 when they stopped and he was allowed home but I had to give him oral calcium 4 times a day to keep the level high enough. When he was checked again 1 week later it was 1.98 and today its 2.26. To watch my baby go through all that pain was horrendous and to watch all the drugs going into him was heart breaking. He became a different baby. He seemed lifeless. It was horrible. But now (touch wood) he seems to be doing ok and is absolutely beautiful. I love him to bits and couldn’t imagine my life without him. After my 2 losses and heartache, I finally I have the baby ive always wanted and wouldn’t change him for the world. I just love being a mum. He completes my life.

So there we have it. My Birth Story. I never thought the day would come when id be writing one but it has and I am completely over the moon.

Thanks for reading (hope it didn’t bore you)

Nat & Henley xxx

MissPaulaYates Wed 02-Apr-08 23:26:28

how lovely nat! all my love x

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Apr-08 23:32:37

OH Nat! I have tears in my eyes, well done, and I hope Henley is better. Congrats sweetie!

loler Wed 02-Apr-08 23:34:20

Congratulations - what a lot you've been through to begin with - hope you can now relax and become a very happy family together.

I don't normally write on birth announcements but couldn't let this one pass by grin

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Apr-08 23:35:06

Just seen the pics too......... he is beautiful!!

missnatalie Wed 02-Apr-08 23:45:55

Have just added a few pics and im sure ill be adding more soon grin xxx

MarsLady Wed 02-Apr-08 23:47:12

He's rather beautiful!

cazzybabs Wed 02-Apr-08 23:50:26

OMG - what an event. I have tears in my eyes. I hope it all plain sailing from now on...

BITCAT Thu 03-Apr-08 00:22:38

Bloody hell!! You been through it, you and henley, glad everything ok now and wish you all the best for the future.

zebedee1 Thu 03-Apr-08 09:57:51

Congratulations, he's so cute in that tiger babygrow! mmmm broody now.........

chrissnow Thu 03-Apr-08 10:15:21

Congrats. He is a little smasher. He looks like his daddy!!
Hope you're all ok after such a rough time. Best of luck for the future.

Lulumama Thu 03-Apr-08 21:23:19

wow ! what a birth story ! you did so very well, and coped with it beautifully.... and what a gorgeous baby . x

Lomond Thu 03-Apr-08 21:28:57

Congratulations! You haven't had it easy! Hope wee Henley is well now. He is lovely grin (I must not get broody, I must not get broody, I must not get broody..)

Lazylou Thu 03-Apr-08 21:29:01

Congratulations Natalie! He is gorgeous. Had been dying to see pics since I read your email! Glad everything is ok now.

C x

singyswife Thu 03-Apr-08 21:31:47

Congratulations, he is a dinky little dude isnt he? He is gorgeous though, congratulations and I hope you enjoy him.

p,.s Love Henley, what an unusual name.

OracleInaCoracle Thu 03-Apr-08 21:33:04

im so happy for you. congratulations m'love

ladylush Fri 11-Apr-08 10:30:42

Sorry to hear you've been through the mill but delighted you have your beautiful baby boy. Congratualations smile

beansprout Wed 16-Apr-08 11:14:55

So sorry to hear you had such a difficult time. You did really well to cope with one thing after another. Welcome to the world Henley!! smile

Kezza7779 Thu 14-Aug-08 09:18:07

wow what a story, poor you going through all that. huge congrats tho and all the best x

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