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Congrats to Clive and Jo

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BigGayDad Sun 26-Dec-04 00:08:26

Just like to announce, to no one in particular cos no one on here knows them and they aren't mn contributors, the arrival today of a son for my friends Clive and Jo. Despite its birthday they resisted the temptation to call him Jesus and is called Samuel James Forrester (Clives middle name is also Forrester so we can forgive him that). Weighed in at 8lb 7oz, although judging by the size of Jo at last nights party, we were expecting bigger. Mother and baby doing fine in Wordsley Hospital maternity unit.

Couldn't be a better Christmas present.

Much Love

sallyhollyberry Sun 26-Dec-04 00:24:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brusselbeansprouts Sun 26-Dec-04 08:31:31

Fab! Congratulations! (And I love the fact that you are so chuffed you just want to announce it - I know how that feels!)

Hulababy Sun 26-Dec-04 22:06:35

Congratulations to your friends and welcome to their DS, Samuel James.

coppertop Sun 26-Dec-04 22:10:44

Congratulations to Clive and Jo. A big welcome to little Samuel.

Gobbledigoose Sun 26-Dec-04 22:51:12

Awww, congratulations!

Get them on here for Gawd's sake!! Don't they know what she's missing out on?!

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