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The Smelly Twins are here !!!!!!! :)

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smellymelly Thu 23-Dec-04 14:35:25

Finally, born on Fri 17th.

Morgan Rose, born 1st at 7.01pm weighing 5lbs 9.5oz.
Archie Micheal, born at 7.34pm weighing 6lbs 8.5oz

I went in to be induced last tues, but they were very busy so I didn't get started till thurs, had a few contractions that evening, then they broke my waters at 9.30am Fri morning, when I was 2cm. Bless them for giving me an epidural immediately, and I settled down to letting things happen with the syntocin (?) drip.

At 1pm I fell asleep, and at 2.30pm I woke up to see on the monitor that I had been having contractions since 1.30pm. What a way to do labour!!

By 4pm I was fully dilated!!

At 5pm I started pushing, but I was so tired after 1.5 hours, they used a ventouse to help with baby girl, but hardly had to pull at all.

Then baby boy thought he'd have a party with all that space and decided to turn sideways! After trying to turn him it was all panic stations, they took me to theatre to see if they could pull him out by his feet.... I had to sign a consent from for c-section and hysterectomy.

Once in theatre they whacked my epidural and syntocin drip up to full power. But Archie's heartrate dropped to 70bpm, and mine went up to 145bpm. The doctor said he would have to do a section immediately, but I begged him not to cut me open, so he checked one more time and Archie had turned head down, so in a major panic he shoved a ventouse on his head and pulled with all his might while I pushed with all that was left in me. We had about 12 people in the room shouting at me to push, but I didn't hear any of them I was so completely fixed on what the doctor was telling me to do (I soaked the doctor when his waters broke.) When he was born he wasn't breathing but his heart was beating. They had to resusitate him and he took his 1st breath in just 1 minute, but they carried on for 5 minutes. It was extremely scary, but luckily I didn't really know what was going on at the time.

He had acid in his blood gases, so he went to special care after about 1 hour so they could keep an eye on him, but his 2nd test was fine so he came back to us after only half an hour.

Thankfully everything is absolutely fine. We went to a local maternity unit on Sunday to relax for a few days and came home yesterday.

Thankyou to all of you who wished me well....

We still can't believe we have '2' beautiful babes. What a Christmas present?

smellymelly Thu 23-Dec-04 14:36:09

Can't believe I spelt Michael wrong - oooops!!

PamiNativity Thu 23-Dec-04 14:38:00

Fantastic news - congratulations
Have a fabulous Christmas with your new additions!

walkinginawelshmumwonderland Thu 23-Dec-04 14:38:30

Gosh how wonderful - congratulations.
Bit of a scary story though - well done you for getting through and all the best for a lovely Christmas

anorak Thu 23-Dec-04 14:38:38

Wow! That's fantastic! Huge congratulations and a double merry Christmas to you all

motherinfestivemood Thu 23-Dec-04 14:38:53

Happy Christmas to you all!

Hulababy Thu 23-Dec-04 14:39:11

What a fantastic Christmas present! Congratulations and welcome to Morgan and Archie Have the best Christmas ever!!!

yoyo Thu 23-Dec-04 14:40:42

What wonderful Christmas presents! Congratulations.

ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 14:40:54

Wow what a delivery, big congrats to you all

Mum2girls Thu 23-Dec-04 14:41:14

Congratulations - god what a drama - and well done you for successfully persuading the doc against a c-sect.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 14:41:15

Well done Smellymelly. I don't usually read birth stories because I have been there myself too many times, but your story was fascinating. I am so glad Archie was fine in the end - typicasl boy to mess around rather than get on with the job in hand. Typical girl to be sensible and good! My ds2 was born on the 21st December 1997 so I know what it is to have a little one at Christmas. It is very magical. All those carols about a special baby boy mean so much more when you are holding one. Take it easy and rest all you can. Congratulations to you and all your family.

AzureSelfaMerryLittleChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 14:46:12

Many congratulations Smellymelly and welcome to the world Morgan and Archie.

snowdonim Thu 23-Dec-04 14:46:17

Congratulations and a double dose of Merry Christmas wishes, too!

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 14:48:04

Oh my word, what an entrance into the world! Well done you and very, very, many congratulations!

PaRumPumPumScum Thu 23-Dec-04 14:49:50

Many many congratulations, smellymelly. Glad it all came right in the end. Enjoy those lovely babies.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 23-Dec-04 14:51:49

Wow! Congratulations!!

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Thu 23-Dec-04 14:52:19

Blimey, what an entrance indeed

merrykittymas Thu 23-Dec-04 14:55:48

well done!

congratulations beautiful names and I'm glad your all safe in the end

aloha Thu 23-Dec-04 14:57:39

God, reading that was like watching an episode of Bodies!
So glad it had such a happy ending. Congratulations and Happy Christmas!

Gobbledigoose Thu 23-Dec-04 15:05:58

Wow - I'm exhausted just reading that!

Congratulations - what a fab Christmas gift!

Welcome to Morgan and Archie xx

fisilhohoho Thu 23-Dec-04 15:07:36

Wow, fantastic story! Well done.

maddiemo Thu 23-Dec-04 15:17:29

Congratulations. What an entrance from Archie.

popsycal Thu 23-Dec-04 15:42:43

Have been waiting for this!!
Congratulation -sounsd quite traumatic but happy in the end!!!!

jinglebelljodee Thu 23-Dec-04 15:43:43

WOW! Congratulations!

hana Thu 23-Dec-04 15:51:40

aww smelly, so pleased you and the twins are home safe and sound ready to have a very special Christmas with the rest of the family.
Lots of luck and sleep and rest in your future!!

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