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A future diving buddy for scubamum

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scubamum Fri 17-Dec-04 19:34:22

Another early morning rise and though that I was having a few BHs. At 6am started timing them - was shocked that by 6.44 I had had 6 up to 20secs long, thought I better tell DH.

Had breakfast, bath and short, light snooze. By 9am they were stronger and more regular and was being sick (never had morning sickness- why start now!). Also whatever happened to the contractions starting of 20 or so minutes apart?

At around 11.30am set off in car to hospital, arriving an hour later. At 1.30pm I was 4-5cm dilated, another shock (but pleasent one) to be so far on, - was expecting labour to be around 24hrs mark given that is what it has taken for several other first times mum friends of mine.

Kept asking if the pool was available but told they doubted I had time. My waters did not break until well into labour and then not fully. This made me feel that 'this push has got to be the last one', but the water meant after a push baby moved back up. Also, baby having a fist up by the head did not help. They broke the remaining water/membrane, I did tear and was given a small episitomy, but they did not have time to get the drip on. For over 30mins they could see baby had dark hair.

Throughout labour I had been on my knees (v glad brought in 2 large cushions from home) with upper half resting on the bed, only the final few pushes I stood up against bed. I had used TENS machine and started using entonox (but did not breath enough in to have an effect - only found out how high you can fly on the stuff when they did the stitches). The other great help was DH, and he has the marks on his arm to prove it

They put baby on the bed where we had a look to find out the dark hair belonged to our little GIRL.

Did not get the birth that I had planned (1st choice pool, 2nd home), but the end result was still wonderful. She was born Weds 15th at 4.14pm, 7lb 8oz (no name yet)

Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Dec-04 19:40:38

Message withdrawn

ZCMUM Fri 17-Dec-04 19:43:31


coppertop Fri 17-Dec-04 19:44:52

Congratulations! Welcome to little Scubagirl.

emMerryChristmastmg Fri 17-Dec-04 20:03:36

Awww, love reading birth stories. You sound very happy scubamum, congratulations and welcome to your little scubagirl.

Gobbledigoose Fri 17-Dec-04 20:05:23

Ooh, lovely!! Congratulations!

MarsselectionboxLady Fri 17-Dec-04 20:06:26

Congratulations. Welcome baby scuba

redshoedreindeer Fri 17-Dec-04 20:24:33

Congratulations! and welcome to another december baby girl x

motherinfestivemood Fri 17-Dec-04 20:31:11

Hallo scubababe!

Hulababy Fri 17-Dec-04 20:37:29

Congratulations and welcome to your little girl

georginatheRednoSedreindeer Fri 17-Dec-04 21:15:07

Congratulations! I can't believe December is producing so many girls - but it's great

PotPourri Fri 17-Dec-04 22:41:56

Aw, fab news. Welcome little scuba! Sounds like an amazing birth experience - you sound all contented and deservedly so!!

BeachedWhale Sat 18-Dec-04 08:36:36

Congratulations Scubamum. Have a wonderful Xmas with your little Scubagirl.

RonnieTinselBaby Sat 18-Dec-04 22:46:09


hana Mon 20-Dec-04 11:32:08

fantastic news scubamum, an extra special Christmas eh?
those december baby birls are coming thick and fast now!
Hope all is going well and you're resting and being pampered!!

fortnight Mon 20-Dec-04 11:46:54

Congrats Scubamum.Enjoy your baby girl.

scubamum Mon 20-Dec-04 11:52:16

we have finally decided on a name for our little angel - Amelia Gillian.

Thank you for all your messages

MariNativityPlay Mon 20-Dec-04 11:54:39

Congratulations Scubamum, a big welcome to Amelia Gillian. So glad all went well in the end.

Pidge Mon 20-Dec-04 11:56:34

Congratulations - and welcome to the scuba baby!

aloha Mon 20-Dec-04 12:18:11

Congratulations! Welcome to baby Amelia.

Nimme Fri 24-Dec-04 15:02:04

Congratualtions scubamum

Another girl for the December thread! Amelia is a beautiful name.

Have a wonderful christmas

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