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Nimme's baby has arrived bang on time

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Nimme Mon 06-Dec-04 12:45:59

Baby Josephine arrived on Sunday at 3.40am weghing 8lb 5oz with a full head of fluffy brown hair and a gorgeous little mouth.

Perhaps because it was second time around but really couldn't have wished for a better birth. Contractions started at 8pm Saturday - I was enjoying a glass of wine so decided to have another! Went to hospital at 10pm, had epidural at 11pm - baby by 3.40am.

Too strong contractions so decided not to have enema despite my prudishness - in fact didn't really care at all. In fact complete mess - poo, blood, water but midwife and midwife student were lovely and pro throughout. All staff I came into contact with were very nice - recommend Kingston.
Saw her come out using mirror - that was amazing.

DH and DD picked us up yesterday lunch time and we were all back home by 2pm - lovely.

She is a real sucking baby so DH off out to get nipple cream today - can't wait for actual milk to come.

Titania Mon 06-Dec-04 12:48:34

congrats!!!! welcome baby josephine!!!!

FlosstyTheSnowman Mon 06-Dec-04 12:54:22

Congratulations! It sounds like a lovely birth story! Welcome to Josephine, hope your nipples feel better soon!

Pidge Mon 06-Dec-04 12:56:49

Congratulations - I like your glass of wine attitude!

EniDeepMidwinter Mon 06-Dec-04 12:58:05

ooh how lovely congratulations to you and little baby Jo - what a sweet name x Ee

hana Mon 06-Dec-04 13:07:59

Nimme!! You're the first!
Big big congratulations on little Josephine! What a beautiful name! lol at your wine, and your second glass, will keep that tip for future....

Ahhhhh, such lovely news, enjoy your new family member!!
love hana

Tinker Mon 06-Dec-04 13:08:59

Oh, congratulations, all sounds lovely.

coppertop Mon 06-Dec-04 13:10:17

Congratulations! Welcome to little fluffy-haired Josephine.

StuffTheMagicTurkey Mon 06-Dec-04 13:21:34


MiaouyChristmas Mon 06-Dec-04 13:25:58

Congratulations, Nimme! Love the name too!

Riebee Mon 06-Dec-04 13:48:30

Congratulations Nimme

StNickschik Mon 06-Dec-04 14:05:28

Congratulations to you all - wish it was me!! Josephine is a beautiful name!

redshoedreindeer Mon 06-Dec-04 22:07:54

Congratulations - wine and epidural - how abfab!

lilymum Mon 06-Dec-04 23:09:27

Posted congrats on other thread too, but just wanted to say lovely news, and great idea to keep slugging back the wine. Impressively short stay in hospital - good for you.

PotPourri Tue 07-Dec-04 11:04:31

Great news!! Well done Nimme, and well done Josephine for her obedient arrival - the start of things to come I hope!

RonnieTinselBaby Tue 07-Dec-04 13:22:33

NIMME - well girl - Excellent news - CONGRATULATIONS to your and yours

Hope all is well.

fortnight Tue 07-Dec-04 21:25:14

Congrats!I also love the name.I'm now off to have myself a glass of wine....

Hulababy Tue 07-Dec-04 21:34:09

Congratulations and welcome to Josephine

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 07-Dec-04 21:45:13


miam Tue 07-Dec-04 21:46:43

Aaw - she sounds gorgeous. Congratulations and hugs. xx

bunny2 Wed 08-Dec-04 17:06:05

many congratulations

MariNativityPlay Thu 09-Dec-04 10:14:30

Lovely story, lovely name, congratulations Nimme, well done and welcome to Josephine!

SnowmAngeliz Thu 09-Dec-04 10:15:27


Nimme Sat 11-Dec-04 20:59:57

Thank you for all your nice wishes and comments. Baby Josephine is gorgeous and we are thoroughly enjoying her.

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Tue 14-Dec-04 16:19:19

Congrats Nimme!

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