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PINK RANGER NO LONGER WADDELS! _ well a little cause the stiches bloody hurt!!!!

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pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 28-Aug-07 09:24:24

MY Lovely DS was born Moday 27th August 8.24am at home weighing in at 8lb 5oz!

The longer version is:
Was having on off contractions since saturday eveing of 15- 20 mins and these carried on to sunday night, went to bed at 11sih as i thought they would stop, manged to get an hour or so sleep and was awoken at 2am by them. Came down and timed them and they were coming in between 4-6mins!
Got dh up a 3 and called midwife , she was here by 4am and when checked me i was 5cms dilated and in labour ( thank god i say!!) - from this point i managed to cope just on my Tens machince up intil 6.30 when i NEEDED the G&A! - second midwife turned up but things didnt get any quicker, was checked at 8.05, and 8cm didlated, waters broken at 8.10 and baby tate came into the world at 8.24!!
VEry Very painful but so worth it! Unfortantly i tore my labia really badley (20 stiches needed) and after they soughted baby out had to go to hopsital as needed " reconstrcutive" stiching, doctor did it at hospital under a local and was back home by 11.00am!
Perfect home birth (apart from trip out) and so glad that i did it! Baby has had problems latching on so bottle feeding but my beautiful son is here after lots of heartache and worry!

Thank you to everyone one on MN, this has been my lifeline in the past and will continue to be! grin

bananabump Tue 28-Aug-07 10:52:16

Hey pink, big congrats!!! hope you're feeling more comfortable and enjoying your little one!

TheMaskedPoster Tue 28-Aug-07 10:54:33

Super news

congratulations and well done!


tokentotty Tue 28-Aug-07 12:18:21

Awwwwwwww.......just nipped on for one sec and am sooooo pleased for you love. Congratulations and sorry to hear about the bad tear xxx

firststar Tue 28-Aug-07 14:47:48

Message withdrawn

Woooozle100 Tue 28-Aug-07 15:05:54

Ah congrats. Wishing you, bab and yr bits all the best

MrsMcJnr Tue 28-Aug-07 16:04:57

Congratulations hon, fabulous! grin sorry about the stitches though - ouch! xx

Mumpbump Tue 28-Aug-07 16:07:14

Many congratulations!!! And hope you heal quickly.

sparkler Tue 28-Aug-07 16:13:53

Congratulations. Take care of yourself. Here's to lots of dirty nappies and happy times! smile

twinsetandpearls Tue 28-Aug-07 16:14:27


JackieNo Tue 28-Aug-07 16:15:26


daisyandbabybootoo Tue 28-Aug-07 16:25:25

grin grin grin

Congratulations and a big well done on the home birth. welcome to the world baby tate smile

Ouch on the stitches, I hope it all heals quickly...arnica homeopathic pills worked well for me.


coggy Tue 28-Aug-07 16:47:37

grin Hurrah for your news Pinky.
Same birthday as my sister so I will remember you and your boy each year!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 28-Aug-07 22:00:33

Thank you very Much everyone!! xx

Bewilderbeast Tue 28-Aug-07 22:01:50

congratulations! smile

j20baby Tue 28-Aug-07 22:07:53

born on my birthday.
bad luck on the stitches, ouch!

peachygirl Tue 28-Aug-07 22:10:02

Congratulations pinkranger smile

tori32 Tue 28-Aug-07 22:23:55

Congratulations!grin Massive achievement on the home birth, well done!grin

maman4 Tue 28-Aug-07 22:44:42

wow pinkranger huge congrats what a star!love to you and little rangerwink

loler Wed 29-Aug-07 15:03:08

Congratulations on the home birth you were hoping for!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Thu 30-Aug-07 20:59:54

Loler - cant find your announcement but congratulations to you!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Fri 31-Aug-07 22:27:38

Have uploaded pictures grin

Sexonlegs Sun 02-Sep-07 21:46:59

Pinky, many congrats to you. Fabulous news. Take arnica tablets to speed up the recovery of your nether regions - worked a treat for me. xx

trace2 Wed 19-Sep-07 14:42:12

hi pink sorry its late at saying congrats, but at least now you should be healedgrin

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