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Uki's LL arrives-'The pain, the joy.....the pain!!!!'

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Uki Wed 22-Aug-07 12:36:46

Well I went in for my blood pressure monitoring on Due Date 15th August at 4pm....but wasn't allowed was a bit take two on the induced labour ( which I wanted to avoid) but was also way over being pg as well .

7:30pm given first lot of gel, said goodbye to ds and dh and left to sleep in birth suite. Didn't fall asleep till after 12 as I was already having little niggly contractions. Then woke at 2 because hips had gone numb from bed and kept thinking I was falling off it's plank like physique. At 5am there was a lot of commotion as c/s was performed next door. Managed to get to sleep again at 6am

7;30am midwives entered and asked how I slept I said ?the bed and a park bench had a lot in common? dr. entered and given second lot of gel, he said ?it would be nice if baby came between 9-5pm? and I said it?s definitely being born today, as I have a big 16 day thing, mine, bf and dh?s b?dates)
Had breakfast got up and started walking around to help, went up and down the corridors, got to museum display (with various old instruments of torture) and had large contraction where uterus went rock hard and stayed hard, kept walking around trying to avoid corridor where I could hear women screaming in labour. Then realized I hadn't felt baby move in a long while and had dr's words in my head saying 1% of women react to gel and uterus goes rock hard and they then have to get gel out. Went back to room and midwife enters wondering about my worried look I tell her I hadn't felt baby move for a while and she listens with stethoscope...she can't find anything and asks me to lie on bed... and straps monitor on...hb found in what seemed like an eternity of anguish (phew)

1pm third lot of gel put in, left for monitoring for 20 mins, then got up to go to loo and waters broke with a strong contraction. Went in to full on contractions from then midwife returned to me tearily asking for dh to be called. Dh got there at 2pm, with me requesting pain relief?.my back felt like it was being snapped in half, tried gas, massage, bath, nothing helped. Dr was not there so couldn?t get epidural and they also thought there wasn?t time and wouldn?t be able to push LL out. I did it with ds so I should of held my ground, but in no state to argue, got pethadine, which relaxed my brain, but did nothing for my back. Midwife ordered me out of bath and onto bed to commence pushing. Got on bed and started what I vowed I didn?t like ?screaming. Held dh?s hand like I was clinging on to life itself, as pain became unbelievable. I kept muttering to them that it wasn?t fair and that going through pain like this is pre ? historic

4:21pm Little Levi Jasper enters the world

6pd 56 oz

I never thought I?d have a quick labour, but the ?cervix dissolver? or ?9 ? 5 cream? as dh refers to the gel as probably helped.
Still getting over why it has to be sooo painful

Anyone want to invent some better drugs with me??? Either that or I?m going the ECAVB ? elective c/s after VB if i ever contemplate another.

Uki Wed 22-Aug-07 12:39:44

sorry about all the ? should all be ', mn didn't like my font type i think.

MamaG Wed 22-Aug-07 12:40:54


jabberwocky Wed 22-Aug-07 12:43:53

Welcome little Levi!

Mumpbump Wed 22-Aug-07 12:47:23


sfxmum Thu 23-Aug-07 16:32:16

oh there you are Uki with all the gory details

once again congratulations

lissie Thu 23-Aug-07 16:46:43

congratulations, and welcome Levi! (lovely name)

Bubbaloo Thu 23-Aug-07 20:02:29

Congratulations again Uki-I do love that name.

lulumama Thu 23-Aug-07 20:05:28

welcome to levi !! your birth story is so joyful and funny ! very well done xx

cantseemyfeet Thu 23-Aug-07 23:51:13

Hey Uki,

Well done and congratulations on the birth of Levi, love the name.
I had a little boy nearly 3 weeks ago now and he is great but I know what you mean about the pre historic pain of child birth!! You would think if they can send men to the moon and come up with all these new technical machines that SOMEONE would of thought about a wonder drug that stops ALL the pain you have to go through.
I was in hospital for 2 hours asking for gas before they gave it to me and that was only because I started growling at the poor student midwife. When the pain became unbearable (I had it all in my back too and it is sooo bloody painful)I then asked if I could have an epidural......I asked nicely at first but as time went on my mam(who was a wonderful birthing partner) told me that everytime I was asked a question I just answered it with I WANT A FU**ING EPIDURAL. They were adamant that I wasnt going to have one.Which made me even crosser, eventually they agreed I could have one if I was less than 7cm, it was just a plot to pacify me I think because 2 minutes later my waters broke and out popped his head!! I was still stood up and the midwife hadnt even had time to put on her gloves. After an undignified climb onto the bed with a head sticking out of me, I gave a big push and out Kyle popped. He is such a good baby too. This is the last though. The midwifes make me chuckle when they mention contraception. Im never going near a man again. Best conraception plan me thinks. Anyway good luck with baby Levi, enjoy him while he is little because they grow sooo fast. xxxxx

Uki Sun 26-Aug-07 06:44:04

Awww Thanks everyone for the messages. LL is settling in really well, much more relaxed with the whole sleeping and feeding thing second time.

It's sort of like "oh your awake again o.k then and i then end up staring at him for ages in amazement that we made him smile who needs sleep when they are so small for such a short time?"

Can'tSMF- It's weird isn't it, I mean if you went to hospital with a broken back or arm or something, they would be ambushing you with pain relief. but go in with labour pain and you have to beg and pleed, i just don't get the whole painful birth experience???
I admit it I must be a wuss(weak) blush

snowwonder Sun 26-Aug-07 07:03:21

oh i loved reading your story.....

hope Levi brings you all lots of love and happiness.....

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 27-Aug-07 23:11:34

Uki...I just saw this grin
Congratulations again and Oooh at the drama of it all. Glad Levi is finally here and that things are going OK. I hope his belly button is getting better.

I also hope DS is loving his little brother.

Take care sweets and see you around on the boards grin

RahRah1 Tue 18-Sep-07 19:35:17

Hi Uki... Many congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Levi.

Sounds painful..OUCH!

Wishing you good health and happiness with your new son.

Love - Rah X

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