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miniegg's baby arrived safely

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miniegg Mon 20-Aug-07 20:09:26

hello - i should have posted this ages ago but the baby isn't much of a sleeper so I hardly ever get to the computer!
he arrived on Friday 27th August, emerging very reluctantly with the help of a ventouse after a long, long, labour. He weighed 9lb. His name is Rollo.
Thank you to all the mumsnetters who kept me going through the first night of early labour!
It will be a long while before I'm ready to brave childbirth again though - it was pretty horrendous!

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 20:10:05

aaawwww what a lovely name!congratulations

Biglips Mon 20-Aug-07 20:10:19

was he bought last year? as its aint 27th yet!!

miniegg Mon 20-Aug-07 20:10:35

ooops, i meant Friday 27 July, not august!

Biglips Mon 20-Aug-07 20:13:36

no worries

OOPS IVE MADE A MISTAKE "WAS HE BOUGHT LAST YEAR?" I meant was he born last year??? im knackered too!

Well done and many congrats.

Wilbur Mon 20-Aug-07 20:15:51

Congratulations! Sorry you had a crap time but well done on lasting the course and welcome to baby Rollo!

Spink Tue 21-Aug-07 18:52:30

I'm so happy for you both - Congratulations!!! Sorry to hear labour was so tough for you but glad to hear you came through it ok. Ah the joys of ventouse.
and Rollo is a LOVELY name

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