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Huskygirl's little girl has arrived - 11 days late!

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huskygirl Sun 12-Aug-07 14:28:19

hi all i am finally not pregnant any more!!!!!

I was due to be induced last Sunday however at 11:59 Saturday lunchtime Chloe Olivia was born weighing 8lb 4oz

1st contraction at 5:30pm fri continued at home as they were bearable until about 3am when they became 3 mins apart so went to the hospital. Baby was back to back and unfortunately I had to stay on the bed the whole time on a monitor due to last delivery. However I managed to get through the whole labour and birth with no pain relief, just used deep slow breathing had no stitches just one tiny tear which i cant even feel. Was in the shower after her first feed and up and about which was lovely.

I could have gone home after a couple of hours but I asked to stay just to check that i was feeding her right and she was doing ok. Anyhow I ended up having to stay 2 nights due to the fact that they only had one baby doctor on shift doing all the baby checks and she kept getting called away to emergency's. They said i could discharge myself and get Chloe checked at the GP but i've only just moved here and dont even know if they are any good so decided to wait and finally got discharged after all clear on check!

Chloe has been breastfeeding well and had put on 1oz at 5 day check. Big sister Marli has adjusted well to her although still refers to her as "it" bless her!

Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying their new bundles

Rosa Sun 12-Aug-07 14:33:55

Congratulations and welcome to Chloe

Cyee Sun 12-Aug-07 21:04:36

Congrats Huskykirl! See you on the PN thread - are you going to come join us in July even though young Chloe made her entrance in August?!

huskygirl Tue 14-Aug-07 18:58:02

Still feel like a true July-er cyee

mummyto2littleprincess Tue 14-Aug-07 21:33:44

Congratulations lovely name my 2 dd have already named my baby chloe

onlyWotz Tue 14-Aug-07 21:34:33

congratulations to you and your family

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