Telling my headteacher I'm pregnant

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eskimod Sun 01-Sep-19 12:22:04

I'm a teacher and I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant. I found out the day after I broke off for the holidays.
I have my first scan booked in and it's a school day. I'll have to leave early so I'll have to tell my headteacher I have an appointment.
I didn't want to tell her yet but I hate lying and I don't yet have any evidence of an appointment, even if I did, she'd see it's a scan appointment.
I haven't told anyone else and she'd be the first person I'd have to tell.
She absolutely won't be expecting it as I've always said I didn't want children yet so I'm worried she'll be annoyed that she didn't know before she arranged staffing etc for the new year.
What should I do? I think it would be good for her to be aware for risk assessments etc but I'm so scared?!

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HotFeet Sun 01-Sep-19 12:24:10

Just call in sick that day?

BobTheFishermansWife Sun 01-Sep-19 12:24:35

Could you tell her in confidence? Tell her it's so early you don't want to announce. Regarding staffing, can you bend the truth and say you find out after break up?

HotFeet Sun 01-Sep-19 12:26:00

But that might open a whole can of worms if you can't garauntee bumping into other staff or parents. Maybe honesty is the best policy.

Pieceofpurplesky Sun 01-Sep-19 12:28:58

Why are you scared to tell her? She has plenty of time to arrange staffing - I assume you will be planning to be in until at least Christmas.
She will probably be happy for you.

cansu Sun 01-Sep-19 12:32:24

Just tell her you have a hospital appointment. If she asks what for say a scan. If she is rude enough to ask for more details then you may have to tell her. I find most people are scared to ask for details of hospital appointments in case you have a terrible disease!

Drum2018 Sun 01-Sep-19 12:34:38

What are you scared about? For all she knows you may have only found out at 8/9 weeks. In any case it's none of her business. Whether or not you planned to have kids now or in 10 years is also none of her business. This happens in schools everywhere and head teachers are well used to organising replacement staff. If you feel she can keep your news to herself (which she has to) then tell her the truth and go to your appointment free of any stress.

eskimod Sun 01-Sep-19 13:41:41

I think I just need to man up and tell her. Obviously it would be in confidence and she isn't supposed to tell anyone. But still you never know...

I'm in a year group that's fairly important, end of key stage and SATs in May. It would have been better if I'd been in a different year group as the the children don't have to lose their gmail time teacher at Easter. I know I should think of myself rather than things like that but it's hard not to.
I'm worried about that. Also there's a lot of young female teachers that are newly married, getting married or trying for a baby so that worries me... one person had just gone on maternity 😬
I'm going to tell her tomorrow I think, get it out of the way with. If the first scan doesn't find anything, I suppose I'll need her suppose in that respect...
thanks for the replies everyone x

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Stardustmoon Tue 03-Sep-19 21:28:52

I was worried about telling my head teacher when I got pregnant. It was my second year into teaching and I found out during summer holidays. I told her early on as they wanted me to go on a residential week. She was really supportive and happy for me. A baby is a good thing and wonderful news ♥️ she's going to need to know soon anyway so you may as well get it over with. Congratulations

eskimod Wed 04-Sep-19 19:18:43

@Stardustmoon thanks!
I told her. She was really nice about it. She said she's really happy for me and although when it comes, she'll be sad to lose me for a year but there's more to life than work! That was nice to hear.
I didn't have anything to worry about really but it's hard not I worry in this profession I think! X

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Stardustmoon Wed 04-Sep-19 21:57:49

So glad it all went well. Good luck with the pregnancy 😊 x

becca3210 Thu 12-Sep-19 21:55:02

Glad it went well! I need to do the same next week. Dreading it lol grin

eskimod Sun 15-Sep-19 16:09:25

@becca3210 good luck! Hope it goes well!

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