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Weight Gain.

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sbh26 Sun 28-Jul-19 08:28:28

After 10 months of trying I finally have two blue linessmilesmile! I want to insure I am eating as healthy as possible however I do not want to eat to much/too little . I am only 5 weeks at the minute however want to insure I start the best I can! What's the average weight gain and calorie consumption when your s pregnant xxx

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Smiffette Fri 11-Oct-19 08:47:23

Hi @sbh26 congratulations!

I read on The NHS website that you just need to continue with a healthy diet, being aware of the foods you shouldn't eat.

You don't need to increase calories until the 3rd trimester and then it only says to increase by 200 per day.

If your like me, I'm really hungry all the time at the moment but also struggle to eat a big meal like I used to do I am hoping it balances out and I am not over eating.

I'm only 4+4 and haven't put any weight on yet.

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