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Miaou's baby has arrived at last!

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Miaou Thu 26-Jul-07 19:23:56

Just a quick announcement as I can't sit down for long () - will spill the gory details later! Euan Hamish was born yesterday morning at 7.44am after a fairly short labour - he weighs 8lb 6oz and is a little smasher!!

Pic here

More details later!

motherinferior Thu 26-Jul-07 19:25:25


D'you know, I can't exactly remember how many mini-Miaous there are now ?

bristols Thu 26-Jul-07 19:25:26

Congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous. Well done, you.

Fireflyfairy2 Thu 26-Jul-07 19:25:38


CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:05

congratulations <<how short>>>!!!

MadEyemarthamooDy Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:09

Yayyy! Oh well done you! Oh, he is very beautiful <<<broody>>>

LaDiDudleyDursley Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:17

Fantastic, lovely name too .

Saturn74 Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:38

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful boy.

motherinferior Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:47

'kinell, he's gorgeous. I felt positively teary.

Miaou Thu 26-Jul-07 19:26:55

He's the fourth and last, MI !

moljam Thu 26-Jul-07 19:27:22

hes adorable!congratulations!

tissy Thu 26-Jul-07 19:27:24

congratulations, miaou

what a lovely baby!

Miaou Thu 26-Jul-07 19:27:45

Car-girl, I'll have to check my notes ... but Euan needs my attention so it might be later on

foxinsocks Thu 26-Jul-07 19:29:25

oh miaou, he's adorable. Congratulations.

(his hair is beautiful!)

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Thu 26-Jul-07 19:29:46

Yesterday............that was Wednesday, today is that is just slack.

And he is scrummy....


She has 4 now, 2 of each.

PestoMonster Thu 26-Jul-07 19:30:12

Well done you!!

He's absolutely gorgeous. Many congratulations from us Pestos (including sewing fiend - dd1!)

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 19:31:22

cargirl drums fingers impatiently wanting desperately to win ..........

DontlookatmeIamborrrring Thu 26-Jul-07 19:32:15

Why did I click on that link??????? He is scrummy and now I want one!! Well done Miaou & family

CalifrauniusFudge Thu 26-Jul-07 19:33:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nomdeplume Thu 26-Jul-07 19:33:48

He's lovely.

Congrats to you, Miaou

JARM Thu 26-Jul-07 19:35:19


huge congrats mate, he is adorable.... send him here if he gets too much!!!

Well done you!!!

bookthief Thu 26-Jul-07 19:44:02

Congratulations!! Euan is one of my favourite names & love Hamish as well. What a wee cutie!

aloha Thu 26-Jul-07 19:45:29

Oh he's LOVELY! Congratulations!

princessLUCYKATE Thu 26-Jul-07 19:45:48

ah ha!, been looking out for this since spotting mention of a post by mr miaou.

congratulations, love the name euan (and hamish)

and the labour long???

tassisssss Thu 26-Jul-07 19:45:49

utterly adorable

well done!

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