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Facebook ban - advise needed

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Essex17 Fri 07-Jun-19 09:05:27

Hi everyone. First time poster! Just found out I'm pregnant. Not told my boyfriend yet. Telling him is not the problem, but I know after the initial shock (wasn't planned) he will he fine. However I know he will want to tell his parents almost immediately. Not my preference but I can live with it. My only problem is that both his parents are facebook addicts. They post every aspect of their lives. Even hospital check ins, what they've eaten at restaurants (while still sitting at the tablet). I know they will be super excited and it won't be out of spite if they did post something, but how do I kindly tell them not to post ANYTHING online? I don't want to 'announce' at all. Will tell friends and family at 12 weeks but even then I don't want to announce it. How do I tell them this?

user1493413286 Fri 07-Jun-19 09:07:45

Congratulations! Can you not just say you don’t want anything on there and want to keep it private? You might want to think about what to say to them when the baby is born about photos going online but that’s for nearer the time.

Mumtoanimals Tue 16-Jul-19 20:45:30

I would just tell them straight. Its your news, and nothing goes online without you posting first. When i told everyone i saw pregnant, it was followed by "nothing on social media please". So far (4 weeks after starting to tell), nothing online. Just let them know, you want it a secret and would be crushed if the let it out. They should understand.

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